Waters-Got To My Head

Do you ever lose yourself in the hubbub? When suddenly you make decisions based on everyone else, trying to please? Dang, that is me in a nutshell.

If that doesn’t happen for you, then more power to you. Could you please send whatever secret you have in a nice box tied with a pretty ribbon for me? I need some of that, ASAP

My sacred, vacation week mantra comes from a very dear friend of mine, that I don’t see often enough. She always says, “Do what you wanna do and don’t do what you don’t.” It seems so very simple, but it becomes complicated when family and friends and people I love are involved. In those instances, I lose myself in the joy of pleasing everyone and then find myself worrying that no one is satisfied. Could that be? Then, I snap back to reality and am reassured that I am the only one fretting. As George Jetson used to say, “Stop this crazy thing!” to his super sonic treadmill that was moving out of control…..my brain over thinks and goes haywire on occasion.

That’s where this song comes in. Waters is a new band to me. They are out of San Francisco and are Van Pierszalowski, Brian DaMert, Greg Sellin, Marte Solbakken, and Andrew Wales. Their new song, “Got To My Head” was released this Spring and is a super catchy, pop-rock song that will stick in your head, for sure. Listen to the music and enjoy it with me while I relax in the sun and surf, read my novel, happily daydream, and quit worrying about pleasing everyone else…..well, at least for a bit.


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