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Mood Monday

Some days, I just hit the ground running, tired or not. Mondays are like that. They begin early, end late, and then the next day, I wonder if I really accomplished anything. Lots of spinning around, waiting, and wondering if the right path was taken.

Sometimes hard work rarely produces the ripened fruit that you were hoping for. Giving up is not an option, therefore I keep plugging away at all of my vast nutty projects. Creativity seems to rarely get the kudos that it deserves. From bands that play to empty audiences, artists’ drawings that are misunderstood, and even the boss that keeps bringing projects without asking if it can fit into a schedule that has no room. Humpf!

It all seems to boil down to the fact that music satisfies my “get away” outlet, and is a critical release for me. I think music provides the link to a happy, peaceful mind. I was thinking maybe, that you might need some new interesting music. Listen with me.


“You’re good

and I’m fine

and we both sleep at night

and changing

is just life

but the balance makes it right”


Horse Thief is the band behind this sound and they are originally from Texas, but moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to attend the Academy of Contemporary Music. They are a young band composed of Cameron Neal (vocals – guitars – keys), Cody Fowler (bass), Alberto Roubert (drums – percussion) , Zach Zeller (organ – keys – guitar), and Alex Coleman (guitar – keys).


The song, “Devil” has such an atmospheric beauty to it, warm vocals, and lyrics with depth. It comes from their recent album, Fear In Bliss. The overarching theme for the album is “finding yourself and what you believe in, and finding the comfort in acknowledging fear.” Isn’t that a universal need? I think so. My Monday is better how about yours?

Important Note!!!! After absentmindedly publishing this blog before it was finished (because I was sleepy), then having to delete, fix, finish, and re-publish, I think it is bound to get better right?  Good golly, Mondays are the worst!

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