Whilk and Misky-Clap Your Hands

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October marks the one year anniversary of the very beginning of Immersed in Cool Music! Let the joyous celebration of this music blog begin!

I have only been around for a year, and yet, I have done exactly what I set out to do. I am unbelievably happy sharing with you, all of the music that moves me, makes me think, and sparks my heart and soul. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for clicking, listening, liking, and commenting on the music and thus, supporting my writing. I have had about 10,000 views and over 500 followers from all over the world, organically without any help from “boosts” or paid endorsements.

I also want to thank all of the musicians, bands, songwriters, publicity groups, record labels, and musical dreamers for sending your music to me.

You all rock and I want to support you. Without you, and your immense creativity, I would be nothing……

I have been actively searching for a special birthday song with a really cool vibe, and (cue in the drum roll) I have finally found it!

Whilk and Misky are new to me and hail from good ol’ London town. There is a definite buzz about them, and they have an EP release that many are waiting and anticipating, me included!

 Photo courtesy of http://www.lisawinter.de/ Lisa Schnee
Photo courtesy of http://www.lisawinter.de/ Lisa Schnee

I wish I could tell you more about Whilk and Misky, but I have googled all I can google, and have found very little. They were involved in several remixes and singular projects, but seem to have just recently been very carefully compiling their own unique work for an upcoming EP release. One of the first released is the song, “Clap Your Hands”. It is infectious and clearly one that sticks to your heart and mind, and without thinking, you instantly fall in love. Yep, it is a free download, if you are so inclined (available at www.whilkandmisky.co.uk). If you are like me, in any way shape or form, you will fall in love with their unique sound, the fun lovely lyrics, and the popping beat. I hope you listen long enough to hear the dreamy song of dreams taking hold (@2:19) later in the tune. Their facebook page says to “Just keep smiling”, and yes, I am smiling, big time! I can’t wait to hear more. Clap your hands……clap your hands……


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“Stomp your feet, everybody just bounce to the beat

Taste the rhythm,  take hold so sweet

Feel the love, as we dance…..”


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