Mood Monday-Scott Orr-By The Way

The perfect song for a day on the cusp of summer, and the joy that comes from the promise of a new season, warmer weather, and the glorious possibility of personal growth.

January February March 2015 Playlist

Sometimes it is fun to look back and listen to the tunes we appreciated a while back. These are tunes I blogged in the early months of 2015. There are some real gems here that you might want to revisit! Enjoy!

Mood Monday-Zurich-Alone

  Mood Monday It has been a quiet day for me. I experienced almost a full day of alone time. You know, the much needed time to reflect, dream, plan, and act. I sometimes don’t allow myself the luxury of real alone time. I am always checking on others, working on projects, creating new ventures,…

Wrecking Ball Atlanta 2015-Music Festival Review

Better late than never, right? Another festival came to town last weekend and I made a last minute decision to be there for the final day. Wrecking Ball had four stages and over 60 bands gathered for celebrating 25 years of music at The Masquerade. The Wrecking Ball website boasted that stylistically, rock, punk-rock, hardcore,…

The Rollups-Abbie

Some days are better than others, and some of those days are just the bomb! I mean…totally outstanding, heart pumping, powerful, amazing stuff. Yes, I just experienced a real life heart pumping moment. A once in a lifetime event? Yes….one that will never, ever be forgotten, and this band came along for the fun ride….

Zoogma-Holdin On’ (Live Flume Cover)

You have to eventually come down… I guess. This Monday, I am coming down from an almost perfect weekend.   I can’t even name it all, but you get the picture. Do you ever have one of those long weekends that you just don’t want to ever come to an end? You amazingly feel connected…

Elephant Micah-Slow Time Vultures

Mood Monday…..yawn. Today has been a curl up, quiet, exhale kind of day. A much-needed day of no commitments, no worries, and no deadlines. “Slow Time Vultures” is the perfect song to express my sluggish, laid-back mood. Almost like a meditation of music, this song seeps into my ears, and I begin to absorb its…