Happy Abandon-Severed Seams

I am on a mission.

At every turn, I find billowing darkness, and I am desperately seeking small cracks of light.

Music heals.

Music opens minds.

Music entertains.

Music breathes light and life.

Therefore, I am sharing some incredible music for you to listen to right now.

Few words, less opinion, more stellar music.

I encourage you to listen with headphones on. Crank it up.

Prepare to be WOWED!

Happy Abandon-Severed Seams


“Severed Seams” begins instrumentally, with a minute and a half of quiet thoughtfulness and contemplation. But buckle up, because the band is simply building anticipation. Lush vocals and harmonies enter to strike a powerful chord of emotion. The magnificence of the textures and combinations form an exhilarating crescendo. The music mixes punctuating howls of Americana, fiery rock, and an orchestral dreaminess. Happy Abandon simply can’t be pegged, which makes them all the more important.


Happy Abandon is a four piece out of Chapel Hill, NC, Peter on guitar, vocals, & lyricist, Jake on percussion & back up vocals, Justin on bass & back up vocals and Alex on keyboards & back up vocals. Their music has an emotional and soaring intensity, as they deftly express their craft with astonishing precision.

“Severed Seams” is one of  ten tracks which complete their upcoming album, Facepaint, out on August 25th.


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