Nude Beach-See My Way

How can I persuade you to read my blog and listen to the music? I know my site is growing by leaps and bounds, but some days are better than others and I need help in boosting it. Right?

I just read a study in Forbes that fascinated me. It talked about the power of persuasion. They created an entrepreneurial project and presented it three different ways to different groups of investors.

  • Explain it in simple-to-understand words?
  • Show a chart?
  • Praise you for your open-mindedness and then explain it to you?

Guess which way won hands down in persuading the group to invest? A chart! So the visual is the way to go in persuading. I found that to be kind of unbelievable. But why not give it a try, right?

I found this one and it made me laugh. Here goes……

Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 12.20.36 PMScreen shot 2014-10-10 at 12.00.44 PMAre you persuaded to love this blog? A chuckle can go a long way when it comes to enjoying a music blog site….right?

Okay, so maybe you are not convinced and you need to hear music that pleases you instead. Well, I’ve got that too.

The song, “See My Way” by Nude Beach is new from the indie rock band and incredibly catchy. It is not at all annoying like the music graph above suggests. It is a persuasive love song that says, “You don’t have to see my way”, but somehow you think when he sings,

“I see the fire in your eyes, every time you look in mine”

that maybe, just maybe, it convinces her to see his way. The guitar that takes place after this lyric hints at their past discography even though the rest of the song has some early rock and roll influence with simple chords and a bit of serenading. Nude Beach, from Brooklyn, is singer/guitarist Betz, bassist Jimmy Shelton, and drummer/percussionist Ryan Naideau. A three man band that has a bigger sound than you’d expect from just three guys.


Their new album, 77, will be released on October 21st on Don Giovanni Records. They have also released other songs from the album, and if you like this one you might like to hear the others, “For You” and “I Can’t Keep The Tears From Falling”. I have linked them so that you don’t end up googling all of the nude beaches……believe me, you will thank me. Who knew there were so many?

I know that I am definitely persuaded to love this band, how ’bout you?

Now, aren’t you convinced that you should share my blog? Go on, you know you want to…..surely you see my way?



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