Built To Spill-Living Zoo



“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…” Yep, it is a Bible verse, and beautifully said. It is what I am thinking about today.

Every bud begins to blossom, every one of us gets older everyday, art and music evolve, paint eventually peels, fashions change, caterpillars turn into butterflies, flowers wilt and fade, and winter eventually (thankfully) becomes spring, despite what the groundhog predicts.

There is reason to rejoice and be happy with change and then there are moments where change can bring about crushing sadness and fear. With each of these, don’t we learn more about the world and our lives ultimately get richer? I have to always remember that, because sometimes, I am not able to roll with the punches of change.

As I sit here typing away, I watch the clouds creep in and darken with the impending moisture that clings to them, until the clouds can’t hold on to it any longer. Change in the weather can change my mood, but where would we be without those changes? Life as we know it wouldn’t survive sunshine everyday, all year-long. Change is incredibly important to the cycle of life.

I still want to cling to things and not allow them to change.

I want beautiful moments to never end. Hearts to stay forever connected, childlike spontaneity to be always present, the daily march to the end of life to slow down, and while I’m on a roll…please stop any wrinkles from attacking my face.


The reality is that change helps me to appreciate where I have been. The lessons learned from those places, help me to walk forward more carefully. Thus, I have clearer vision and can navigate my way with more understanding and compassion. Instead of halting the unavoidable movement of time, I want to seek the blessings in the changes in my life. I want to embrace the excitement of change and allow it to wake me up and ultimately put in more of an effort to try harder to enhance each and every moment.

Maybe I will continue to cling to those unchanging strongholds that are comforting, and maybe I will accept the uncomfortable changes that are inevitable in the seconds, minutes, hours, and days ahead. It’s a heap of things to think about.

I must change the subject (hardy har har) and share the music that prompts my intense thoughts.

“We know where we wanna to go
But we can’t tell
Alone how to navigate
Our way through hell

Sometimes when you wake up
Feel alone
Somehow we get over it
Keep going on

Ahhh ahh ah
That’s alright
Ahhh ahh ah
Doin’ fine

They say there’s a part of us
We can’t explain
Please say you’ll do anything
To make me stay

Ahhh ahh ah
That’s alright
Ahhh ahh ah
Doin’ fine

Being a human
Being an animal too
Being in a cage and
Being a living zoo

Being a person
Being an animal too
Being all wrong and
Being all me and you
Ahhh (8X)

Cause we’re lions
In our cages
And tigers
In tiny spaces”


Six years can bring about a lot of change and adjustments. You will find both on this incredible track from Built To Spill’s newly released tune, “Living Zoo”. With a shake up in band members and a poppier sound than before, there is no mistaking the guitar skills and distinct vocals of Built To Spill. Waiting six years for a new song was well worth it, I think.

Welcome back, Built To Spill, I am beyond excited for their new album,  Untethered Moon, which will drop on record store day-April 18th.

Perhaps time and change can make wishes come true…….



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