Getaway and recharge-The Mowglis-I’m Good

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Well, if you tell me that you don’t, then I might reconsider any deeper friendship, because my sweet tooth tumbles over to my personality. Yea, I am the one that has to try to savor every happy, harmless vice. I also might have to ask the uncommitted chocolate eater, have you ever experienced a Goo Goo Cluster?


Whether you like chocolate or not, I tend to enjoy people who push me in sweet, fun directions, chocolate filled or not.  I also look for those that have deep convictions with their life purpose and their authentic soul. I recognize these characteristics immediately when I engage in conversation. The conversation and words always circle back to that which connects with the purest of their passions. A celebration is in order when I meet and learn from these incredible people.

The Southern C Summit meeting, this week in Charleston, is a collaboration of entrepreneurs and creatives that boggles my mind and eyes and senses. I am lucky to have stumbled upon this amazing group a few years ago and found it a must, to revisit them again in Charleston this week! I am recharged by their speakers and re-energized to continue to walk my path of music blogging that can sometimes be a little daunting and overwhelming.

Onward, upward, and forward are the only ways for me to move, and it actually feels really good. This song suits me in this happy moment, right now, as I watch the sunset over church steeples of this beautiful holy city. Enjoy it with me.

I am one lucky lady to be awarded a press pass for Shaky Knees Festival which takes place in Atlanta, next week (May 8-10). The Mowglis are playing Shaky Knees on Sunday, May 10th and you really should be there. This is a band that just always leaves me with a wonderful, warm, fuzzy feeling of pure joy. Their song, “I’m Good” is from their new album, Kids In Love. What is not to like about that?

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 7.16.19 PM

The Mowglis are an American alternative band from California, and named after a former band member’s dog, oh, and of course the unforgettable Jungle Book character. They are a band with a mission. They want to spread love and kindness to others and have even started an Instagram account (@ Be A Mowgli) to share those good deeds with others. The tag line says, “A social network for goodness instead of just your lunch and your cat”.

You know…..I am good at this very moment and I hope you might be good too. Spread the love, maybe share their happy tune or better yet pass on a little kindness!

Thank you, Southern C Summit for this week of learning, collaborating, kindness, sharing, and the happy surprise of chocolate and goodies! An experience that won’t be easily forgotten.


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  1. Great post Carrie! We should have goo goo clusters at the Summer Solstice party! Perfect alignment of sweet and fun. [?] Rosemary

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