Foxygen-How Can You Really

Mood Monday.

Feeling rattled, and not sure I am ready for re-invention, as I embark on a new journey in my life. So why not go all out loony? I can always deviate back to the norm and/or find a spot in-between. Right?


Outlandish and even a little bizarre, is how I would describe the band, Foxygen. Oh don’t get me wrong, not in a bad way, but in an interesting way. I am fascinated with their music and their crazy take on life. Sam France and Jonathon Rado of Foxygen have a lens that highlights the odd and the quirky. How is it that with all those nutty differences, their sound and lyrics are so uniquely perfect?

I guess we all have that itty bitty bit of unconventional DNA that we rarely tap into it. If you are like me, I sometimes tend to try and suppress it. It is human nature to blend and fit in, right?

Actually, the friends I love the most are the ones with unique personalities, bold beliefs, and out of this world imagination. They wear crazy hats or shoes to workdays, tell odd jokes, creative stories, and somehow laugh through their extraordinary lives of unconventional goings-on. They never stop moving or learning or changing. They seem to have it figured out and I want just a piece of it.  I honestly relate to those that have that need to move toward uncharted territory. If it is good natured and fun, what could possibly be the bad side of it?

This video, “How Can You Really”, is no exception to this perception. Directed by Grant-Singer, it takes place in a drab office, which is weird for a music video, but then Sam France, of Foxygen, changes from his skinny tie suit to a sparkly crop top and shiny, skin tight pants. All I know is that I want to dance with those go go gals at @2:05 and swing my hair and spin with them. Yes, I also want their outfits too. I recall a few moments in time, when I did…. just that. It makes me smile.

“In the morning when they found us
And we woke up in the coconut wind
How you took my hand and told me
All the stories of the places you’d been

And how you thought that I would make it
Now you were the one for me, yeah

How can you really love someone who can’t love you
How can you love someone you can’t leave
It’s my fault, it’s your fault too
How ’bout you go and find somebody who can love you

When I wake up in the morning
How long until you roll in my dreams
But how I learned not to care
If you’re not the story that’s easily seized
And how can you treat me so badly
If you love me don’t treat me so mean
Cause I’m… darlin’, politely asking
Can’t you see all the pain that I’m in

It’s gettin’ pretty hard to make it
That’s all the time for me, and for you

How can you really love someone who can’t love you
How can you love someone you can’t leave
It’s my fault, it’s your fault too
How ’bout you go and find somebody who can love you”

Sam France and Jonathon Rado have been writing and playing music since they were 15. They have just announced a new album, despite all of the rumors and drama surrounding them last year. Yes, surprise surprise! Isn’t that what you would expect, the unexpected? I can’t wait for the release on October 13th. The album titled, And Star Powered, is reportedly full of exciting guest appearances, adding to the duo’s sound. The idea for this impressive 24 track double album was similar in thought to the ELO album, Out Of The Blue, that Jonathon just bought. He told DIY that it had a cutout spaceship in it that you could make on your own. What is not to love about an album that gives you more than just the songs?

In this recent interview with Jonathon for DIY, he said,

“We’ve divided it into different sections, there’s a lot of fun stuff. Sam and I have extreme, extreme love for records that give you more than just the music. Things that give you a setting, a story – or even just to have physical material. Stuff to read or look through, little stuff to find within a record.”

They even left their mics on, before and after recordings, so you can hear conversations. Some of the songs are only a minute long, and some are longer. They pulled together 24 great songs from 100’s that they wrote and recorded over a 5 month period. They wanted to get back to their roots of just making music and not polishing it perfectly. So, it completely makes sense to record the music in the garage like they would’ve when they were 15.

If you are curious for more, read the entire interview by Jamie Milton for DIY, and check out their website, . I hope they come to Atlanta!

For me and my mood, I will be A-Okay. I will surely land, on my feet or my bum, no matter what comes my way. But, just for today, I want to make every effort to do a triple somersault flip before touchdown. Wish me luck.


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