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Have I expressed how much I love my followers and loyal readers?

Probably not recently, but you all know who you are.

I couldn’t ever survive and thrive in this weird blog world without you, and I recognize your importance in my life. Faces of other bloggers show up regularly, as well as dear friends and those music minded, kindred spirits. Most of all, I want to thank the hundreds of bands and musicians that inspire my posts with their music and their submissions to my blog. Yep, you know the ones, they have bet everything on their creative dream and are wading through the platform of trying to market it. Was it ever explained to them what a tough job that happens to be?

I am truly blessed with all of you.

I am in a ‘count your blessings’ kind of place. I was horribly humbled by a dumb clumsy accident yesterday and it has literally shaken me deeper than I ever thought possible. I have started thinking about all of the important friendships I have and the family that guides and molds me, to be me. I am a lucky one, for sure. Despite my stupidity on occasion and despite my clumsiness. You see, you can be strolling through life on easy street one minute and quite suddenly busted up the next. The reality of that can be a bit jarring.

As I type on my laptop, I am listening to millions of singing bugs in my backyard, watching the sky turn from a soft orange to a deep dark purple, and longingly remembering the yummy ice cream cone I heartily consumed only minutes earlier. These are all comforting things I am grateful for this evening. Summer is here, full throttle, and I want to loll in its embrace with a joyous heart.

What grabs your attention at this moment in time?

When you break a silly toe bone, scrape your knees, and ache all over, it is so easy to weep. My tears are there behind my eyes, but typing away, right here, right now, comforts those waterworks and closes the pipes temporarily. No longer very mobile, or even presentable for visitors or outings, I have to dig deep and find something that calms my mind and provides another thought for my head.

I am humbled.

I am broken.

I will triumph despite any hardship I may face.

There, I said it, and now I have to believe it. Then, it will be true.

Are you happy? Healthy? Appreciative? Curious? Hopeful? Loving? I wish that for you, as you read this post.

Thank you for letting me share my burdens and my joys. Thank you for reading my words and listening to the incredible musicians I share.

Kudos to you!

What could be better than a song of comfort to my ears and also provides a nice chill vibe?



Seoul is a Montreal trio that has just recently released a debut album that is remarkable in it’s sound. For first timers, there is an air of experience and sheer natural talent. The album, I Become A Shade, came out in June and I am listening with hearty happiness. Every song proves to stand on its own solidly and smartly. The song, “Haunt/A Light” is the perfect tune to introduce you to them, if you haven’t heard of them before.




Seoul is Nigel Ward, Julian Flavin, and Dexter Garcia. Nigel and Julian have known each other since kindergarten and connected with Dexter in college. All equally contribute in the writing process and performance of the songs. Connecting their three perspectives may be the unique element of their early success.

The lyrics are sometimes a bit hazy, but then clear in other places, so it gives a sort of openness that can be interpreted in many ways. “Haunt/A Light” suggests an opposite similar to their unusual name Seoul. I am not sure how it relates to the band as a hustling bustling city, but my Google search found this contrast….

“Seoul is the capital of South Korea, a sprawling metropolis where hyper-modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways and pop culture meet Buddhist temples, palaces and street markets.”

Lovely black and white photos also accompany their social media accounts and those intriguing snapshots are another incredible expression of their creativity. Although the photos are stark in subject matter, there is a clear distinction of dark and light. Can you tell I want to know more about the band Seoul? Perhaps they will be pleased that their music came first in my mind and wanting to learn more is secondary.

They have a bunch of tour dates ahead (all over) and happily they play 40 Watt in Athens on October 9th. If you are anywhere nearby, be sure to check them out, I know I hope to be there.


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