Camp Cope-Keep Growing

So much to love… a super powerful voice that speaks to me, this tune blasts my frustration and pops it with an amazing bass line and pounding beat.

Mood Monday-Blonder-Lean

Lean is the perfect summertime song full of dreamy guitar strums, dancey drum beats and winning vocals.


Mood Monday-From hell to heaven by way of great music…Listen with me.


Here is your select song for this week., “Ch-Ching” by Chairlift. I know, I know, I know, this song has been out for a while now, but I love a song when it bubbles up in my mind unexpectedly. “Ch-Ching” plays in my head on repeat at the oddest times. It is a fun, catchy,…


Here is my select song for you this week. Sometimes it can be powerful to look back.This song sends me back to a pleasurable, thoughtful moment in time, and I bet it will send you there too. Florist-Vacation Emily Sprague of Florist writes poetry and accompanies it with music. She bears her heart in her…

Mood Monday-Palehound-Cinnamon

Mood Monday Damn. Life has changed. Fear and worry permeate our society, from the firing of guns on innocent people, the trolling hatred on social media, the degradation of our commander in chief, and to the shaming of groups of people (anyone different from ourselves). Whoa, we all need to take a step back and…