Music Midtown 2015-Savor The Final Day’s Perfomances, Run The Jewels, Panic! At The Disco, Lenny Kravitz, Vance Joy, Van Halen, and Sam Smith

Run The Jewels


All I can really say is that they have been soaring in popularity. A tour de force of hip hop that lays down the beats with the most shocking lyrics you can imagine. Run The Jewels is El-P and Killer Mike. If you love them, more power to you. I just am one of those that doesn’t get it. But, I have listened and I try. From what I understand they put on a really raucous show, so if you have wanted to see them, this is your chance to really see them at their best.

Panic! At The Disco

An American rock band, Panic At The Disco, began in suburban Las Vegas with childhood friends and now consists of mainly Brendon Urie and Dallon Weekes.


Music critics have labeled many music genres for them including emo, pop punk, electro, vaudeville, and baroque pop. That is a lot of descriptions for one band. Decide for yourself while listening to an oldie, “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, and their newest release, “Hallelujah”.



Lenny Kravitz

With a distinguished recording career, Lenny Kravitz has completed albums in the double digits. Rockin’ rock and roll powered by his guitar skills, Lenny is the rock, funk, and soul of Music Midtown this year.


Two songs to listen for are “Are You Gonna Go My Way”, and a new song from his newest album, Strut, “The Chamber”.




Vance Joy

Folk pop at its best. Vance Joy was originally James Keogh and came up with the name in order to separate his personal and professional life. The name came from a character in the novel, Bliss. The whole band from Melbourne, Australia is Vance Joy, Jonathon Colliver (Bass), Edwin White (Drums), and Christopher Mulhall (Keys). Lovely vocals and the perfect laid back sound to ‘hang’ to, while you gather up energy to last the rest of the day at Music Midtown. Recharging and worth a listen, “Riptide”.

And his newest, “Fire and The Flood”, a truly lovely love song that will make a gal swoon, for sure.


Van Halen

No introduction necessary, just know that Van Halen is a 70’s to early 80’s rock group that has some of the most memorable tunes, ever. Known for their crazy wild, live shows, you may want to check them out. Let’s hope they still ‘got it’! When will you ever see them again? This is your chance!

One of my favorites….oldie but really good, goodie!

Sam Smith

English singer songwriter, Sam Smith is a serious crooner. A voice from the heavens, his inspiration for his music came from heartbreak and lost love. With multiple awards and nominations in his short career, he has now confirmed that he will sing the newest James Bond theme. Cool.

Here is the recording of a live performance….”I’m Not The Only One”




Whew! I did it…..I posted on all of the acts at Music Midtown. If you can’t be there, you can listen and pretend. If you were lucky enough to attend, you can relive it all, right here on my blog. Enjoy your Saturday….you know where I will be!

Oh, and be sure to stayed tuned to see my re-cap of all the fun sights and sounds of the festival, I will be sure to post, when I recover from the excitement of it all.



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