Music Midtown 2015 Recap, the music, the people, and the fun!

Mood Monday.

My head is in such a great place today. I love re-living a music festival.

What’s in a festival?

Hmm, a good golly lot of colorful patches of cloth, which when woven together, create a quilt of interesting brilliance.

hipster quilt

Music Midtown this year was no exception. It was my happy privilege to be a part of the wild fabric of music lovers. I definitely found my people, and then some. It was a joyous, happy experience that can’t possibly be re-created again.

Here is what I saw with my own eyes and novice attempt at photography….who wants to lug around a gigantic camera with no press perks? So my I-Phone had to be the eyes of my world. I hope you enjoy!

This is me, in my beautiful city of Atlanta, climbing up the rolling hills of Piedmont Park at Music Midtown. Can you see the joy on my face?

IMG_6792 (2)


The first picture I captured was Kodaline, a crowd favorite. I tried to worm and weave my way up front, but respected people’s space and decided it wasn’t worth the angry looks. Go ahead and call me a wimp, but I usually tend to be bolder than my music buddies want me to be….


I love these guys! They have buckets of energy and some really great songs. Just a while back, they let me give away a signed CD. You have to love a band on the rise that is willing to pass on their music to fans and support music bloggers. Despite the fact I was hot and sweaty, the music made me forget it all. I happily clapped and danced with hundreds of my new music companions.



This is Tove Lo.


I wanted to get closer, but I was slow moving from stage to stage. Shade was what I sought, more than proximity. The photo is fuzzy, but you can see her strong stance of self-assuredness and musical prowess. She puts out a vibe of serious sensuality. Yes, I couldn’t help but notice when she flashed her bare chest to all who paid attention. She definitely sealed the deal for everyone to stay tuned to the rest of her show. Eventually, the guys in the crowd put their eyeballs back in their sockets.


I then rushed over to hear Elliot Moss. We were few in numbers, but we were tried and true fans, all believing in new talent. Here are some cohorts that I rubbed elbows with at the front row fence….

Gabrielle Hoover, Alexis Hammer, Madelyn Hightower, and Drew Humphrey


Their outfits were so ‘on point’! I couldn’t help but notice their style, camaraderie, and yes, their similar good taste in music. GA Tech students, Madelyn and Drew were fun to chat with while we waited for Elliot Moss to set up. They were all really excited to see Hozier, Drake, and Catfish And The Bottlemen.


Elliot Moss was a nice, refreshing surprise, and a little different from the other acts at Music Midtown



‘SLIP’ was featured on the finale of So You Think You Can Dance with mesmerizing choreography by Phillip Chbeeb.



Afterwards, we settled on the hill with our yummy food truck dinner (Nectar to the rescue!), it was such a great vantage point.

It was pretty obvious we weren’t going to get any closer.



Here we could chill, people watch, and enjoy Hozier, all at the same time. This fan sign struck me funny and made me chuckle….I wonder if she got what she wanted? I think I would have to be a little pickier.


Don’t get me wrong, reading skills are an important requirement of mine, but hmm, I still think she might be opening a can of worms. Ha Ha!

Then, I had the frustration of sitting in the perfect spot, and lo and behold, a guy stands up right in front of us, blocking the Hozier concert. Fortunately, I waited it out and was happily surprised that my cool headedness proved to have an unexpected reward. Thanks to Min Jun for helping me to lighten up!



After Hozier, I realized that Elliot Moss and the band were at the signing tent, so I rushed right over to catch them before they left. In line, I met up with my front row friends again, and also experienced Alice in Chains at the same time (hearing still intact!)

Alexis had a pack full of stuff. I love it when I learn the importance of holding all those festival supplies. Lip liner, lipstick, cash, face blotter, phone charger…..all the essentials in one fanny pack! She was totally prepared where as my supplies were non-existent. These are the interesting chit chats that you have waiting to see a band at their meet and greet.


I enjoyed meeting Elliot Moss and the band and found them to be super nice, quite shy and maybe a little new at the meet and greet game.  It’s a goofy pic of me (no supplies.. so I had ‘hat head’ hair and no lipstick), but despite all that, it proved to be a happy, memory moment. They were heading to Belgium and didn’t have much time in Atlanta, but they will be touring all over the states in October and November. Go check them out.


Night had finally settled into Music Midtown (aka pictures will be fuzzy and almost unrecognizable). It was the perfect evening for music appreciation, and the best was yet to come.


The quiet night was interrupted and music blared from all four stages in a bellowing call that drew me in.

Metric was having a light show, rocking moment and we followed the crowds to witness the masses dance to their tunes.


Emily Haines of Metric had some kinda wild, clear bubble like cape that she swung around while she sang. I am not sure why these pictures became so ghost like, but they turned out very cool.







After they played, I was working my way to another stage when I had fun talking to this awesome crew.

Ross Collier, TJ Cunningham, and Hannah Boyd
Ross Collier, TJ Cunningham, and Hannah Boyd

Then, after many hazy, crazy pics, I had a revelation to cut on the flash! Don’t judge me…..

Ross Collier and Hannah Boyd

Have you ever had that bonding moment when you find others that share your love for many of the artists you follow? Well, this was that moment! We were chatting it up, playing the ‘do you listen to…’ game, and ultimately high fiving over and over. You guys are awesome and I hope you’ll hop on my blog periodically and share who is bending your ears. If it weren’t for your fun Snapchat sign, that I spotted at all the shows I hung out in, I would’ve never met you all! I totally love when others ‘get’ my music taste. It was a joyous moment! Thanks y’all! Hope to see you at the next Atlanta show!

Running to Drake, I caught part of his show, but decided to head back to see Elton.



I wish I could say I had fantastic pictures of all the artists, especially Drake and Elton John, because I took a whole lot of them, but I don’t. I was too busy really loving the music.

Leaving Music Midtown was just as much fun as arriving, because I knew I had another day to experience the music again. As we walked out, I checked out the fashion and found so many repeats. The fashion trend of Music Midtown was definitely fringe. It was everywhere I looked. These cute girls wore it well.


They are Adorne, Anna, and Chelsea. I stopped them as they were heading back home. It was a stellar day for them as well, and they told me they were looking forward to seeing Daryl Hall and Billy Idol.on day 2. Surprisingly, Elton John was their favorite for day 1. He secured a new fan base, for sure!

Here is Christine Brown and her fashion boho fringe.


I also caught many glimpses of fringe on purses too. I might have to go shopping soon.


It was a day for the record books for me, an unforgettable moment, and I felt that all was right with the world. This was one of my favorite pics, just because it captured the fun and the joy of hearing Elton. He was something to behold. My friend said it best (thanks Jamie), “Elton John was the oldest guy at Music Midtown, and I’ll tell you what. He. Laid. It. Down.”



Hope you are like me and in a good mood for a Monday. Stay tuned, I can’t wait to share more of Music Midtown with y’all!
















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