Tom Misch-The Journey

You may ask…Where was my Mood Monday??

Well, I am far away from home with spotty internet and very little time to squeeze in a thoughtful post. So my Mood Monday has morphed into a week long project.

I am relaxing and experiencing a part of America’s coastline that is new to me. At this beautiful place, I am inhaling the waterfront smells, enjoying the cool breeze on my skin, and listening to the fish pop periodically with the occasional whir of a line being cast into the water. All of these sensations bring me incredible joy. As I sit here on the dock in the dark, star lit sky, I am struck with many thoughts that bubble up in my head like that of the fish and shrimp that snap out of the water.


The surface of the water appears dark and endless in the evening light. It strikes me as such a mysterious place. All we really see is the rippling surface, and yet here in Fairhope, Alabama the fish are profound and they show themselves often, almost goading us to catch them. It is thrilling to witness and fascinates my curiosity about the bay and this part of the south. Even though the water seems so calm and glassy, the flirting fish remind me of the active world underneath the water’s surface. No, I am not curious enough to dip my toes in at the moment, but I wonder about the world, which would unfold before my eyes, if I were to explore it from below the surface with a mask and a snorkel. Even then, I know that my understanding of their world would barely scratch the surface of what lives and moves in the bay.


Aren’t people a little like that? You can meet someone for the first time and you can’t help but develop an instant first impression. Is it accurate? What lies beneath the surface of that exterior? Is it as deep as the ocean?

I think so. I believe that, with all of my soul. I make every effort to reach out and try to learn the deeper story, when I can.

My mind wanders to the similarities of this lovely water and the way I sometimes see others.

Take a clam for example,  Getting to the meat in a clam shell takes a special flick of the wrist and the perfect pressure to open. I am unable to open clams at all, as much as I try. I have found some people to be tightly closed like clam shells. It makes me wonder why?

Others have a bubbly, effervescent personality who offer bits of who they are, and leave me wanting to know more. They are like the fish and shrimp in the bay that are popping out of the water sporadically. You experience sides of them and instantly want to get to know them better.

Then on occasion, you meet someone new and getting to know them takes constant nurture, patience, and time. When you provide a steady reassurance of  intent listening, they may reveal more of themselves. Like fishing, those people have to be coaxed and cared for, in order to open up. I think, the fish below the surface trusts that the bait will feed it, just as a new friendship might open up into a deeper one based on the trust that the listener will nourish the friendship with shared experiences or a personal connection.

Finally, there are always the curious ones that you cannot figure out to save your life, and you are constantly scratching your head as to what to do or how to understand the relationship. I’ve run into a few of those and it is confounding.

Friendship, relationships, and people are as complex as the ocean is deep.

Fishing, the coast, and a quiet moment alone can bring such intriguing ideas into my head.


The true catalyst to my thoughts is a joyous trip with about 20 other strangers whose lives unfold minute by minute. Wondrous stories of healthy, active, vibrant personal lives, filled with deep thoughtful intelligence, and stories that bring about waves of laughter or quiet empathy. These knowing minds ask curious questions and contribute shyly to conversation, but ultimately I learn more and more. I am fascinated by the beauty of friendship which unfolds brilliantly right before my eyes in only a few days time.

I am intrigued  by this experience of the exploration of a place I knew little about, with a group of interesting strangers from around the country. It proves to me that I should always take learning risks and give new experiences time to develop and grow within me.

“The Journey” is what I have been listening to this week. I just can’t seem to get enough. Perhaps it is as relaxing as the world around me that makes this music so enticing. But honestly, I will look forward to listening again and again, when I return home.



Tom Misch is a 20 year old composer, singer, guitarist, violinist, and producer from London. This song is an aural pleasure that easily transports me to another place and time. It is magical and dreamy in a jazzy, soulful way. Without any vocals, I expected the song to feel empty, but curiously the instruments speak prominently and meld into a perfect chorus, which pleases me.



It is late at night once again, and tomorrow begins early with a boat ride through the Delta. I will post this and let you decide for yourselves if this song brings you the soothing joy that it brings me. It has been out for awhile, and if you dig it, I encourage you to check out Tom Misch. Listen to all of his tunes, especially his latest, Beat Tape 2, where he features interesting guest vocalists and mixes it up quite a bit. It is experimental, modern, and deserves a listen.

It might just relax your mind to open up some incredible thoughts about life, and what tomorrow may bring for you on your own personal journey. Who knows what people you might meet or places you might explore.

Journey on!




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