Poi Dog Pondering-All Saints Ascension

Mood Monday.


Some days I get a blast of incredible tunes. I listen, and then I have the hardest time choosing between all of the remarkable music which happens to miraculously come my way. Tonight, after a week away, I have been blessed exponentially. The groovy sounds flood my inbox.

After multiple listens, “All Saints Ascension” suits my mood today.

Crank it up!!!


Poi Dog Pondering


“Steal a moment

Steal a moment

Steal a moment away with me”



Poi Dog Pondering was formed in Hawaii, an ocean away, but the 15 piece group fills my ears with a lovely, sunshiney sound. Somehow, the full band and the keyboards remind me of a classic 80’s/90’s vibe.  I can sense a deep connection between all of the instruments, and the vocals surprisingly don’t come into the song until 1:19! It is an interesting blend of orchestral, rock, and dance music. The disco ball is the perfect image for their new album, Everybody’s Got A Star. The band has been playing music for decades, but they create a soulful vibe that is fresh and fun.

Their song, “All Saints Ascension”, is what makes me tap my toes today. How about you?




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