Live Gig- Pinegrove, The Sidekicks, The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, and Into It. Over It.

What a wonderful night of music.

Last week (okay a couple of weeks ago) I made the decision to see a hot new musician on the 2016 scene. Pinegrove is a band I’ve blogged about and been singing praises for his unique songwriting style. How could I not show up for his appearance in Atlanta at The Masquerade? With the venue’s eventual closing due to redevelopment, it is a must to attend as many shows as I can.

Here is my experience in photos.





I found it cool the audience knew all of the words to his songs. I am a big fan, but I only know a couple of songs  enough to sing along. I took notice and asked him after his set what he thought about it. He beamed a huge smile, said it was a first for him, and he was genuinely surprised. I love my city for being so music savvy !

The Sidekicks


A foursome from Ohio who play some solid rock tunes. Quite honestly, I was chowing down on a veggie burger during their set, and yet it proved to be a cool listen.


The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die


This band has an ultra long name and their amazing musicians almost overcrowded the stage, but the event proved to be memorable. Their members are ever changing, due to their performance and recording lineup varying. It was an experience to hear the musical jigs and jags as they spontaneously played beyond the core songs.





It was almost impossible to get a good photo from where I was standing. There were so many on stage. The movement and arrangement of the music and musicians helped the band to stay in constant motion. What a lead singer! Once again, the crowd sang every lyric or maybe I should say shouted every lyric. What a solid vibe.

The final band of the night was Into It. Over It. 

Into It. Over It.


They are a subtle mix of an indie rock and emo that plays well with the audience. Just releasing an album in March, Standards, they played fresh new tunes.


I have been seeing this more often and find the sound quite beautiful. Strumming a guitar with a bow, or even a drum stick… is ultra interesting to watch too.


Wanted to be sure to get a photo of the drummer, he was pounding it well. It was a great night of music that stretched my listening and introduced me to a few bands, I quickly learned, which have a huge following.

Who knew? Now I do… music is the best.

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