First Live Music for 2019- Mamalarky, Jesse Nighswonger, and Palm Sunday



Wishing all of you a wonderful year full of incredible music and joyous moments!

Will y’all forgive me? I have taken an unusually large and luxurious hiatus from the blog over the winter holidays. It has proved to be a much needed break and a much needed moment to reassess and reevaluate my goals. More later…

2019 is a crazy number. Can you believe it? We are approaching the end of a decade! Reflecting on the past year, I am once again reminded, friends are everything. This idea became crystal clear over the break in my own life and then I witnessed the joyousness of deep friendships oozing lavishly while attending my first live show of 2019.

When you are in a new band, honestly it is your best buds who come out and support. This occurred at 529 in East Atlanta on a Saturday night for the band Mamalarky out of LA, but their newest member is an Atlanta local (shoutout to Noor). But happily, friendships bring crazy surprises and all the bands of the night proved to be talented, emerging, and a whole lot of fun.

Palm Sunday


She was really good y’all! I searched the internet for some of her music, but came up short. Check out her Facebook page and stay tuned. PALM SUNDAY

Jesse Nighswonger


Jesse Nighswonger-What Are You Doing Tonight?


Mamalarky, remember that name cause I am pretty sure you might see it again and again. Listen…




Check out Mamalarky’s show in LA on Jan. 29 at Lot 1 Cafe or when they play SXSW, the music is wow and they have the most fun merch…



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