Slaughter Beach Dog-Safe and Also No Fear

When you simply love the songwriting and connect deeply to the music, you can’t help but write a glowing album review. Slaughter Beach Dog
From July29,2019

From July 29, 2019 (Soundblab Review)

When I began listening to Slaughter Beach Dog’s latest album, Safe And Also No Fear, I instantly connected to Jake Ewald’s songwriting ramblings and lyrical journaling. Each song provides a window to his world, through his unique perspective. His lyrical storytelling is compelling, introspective, and a masterpiece of his everyday moments. 

“I live upstairs
I wash my hair
I take my meals alone inside the parlor room
I win the war
I feed the poor
I get anxious and I curl up on the floor”
-”One Down”

Then it hits you, the power of the punch. A struggle unfolds in his seemingly disjointed phrase choices. Each song grapples with his past and his future and his coming-of-age. He recognizes something is different but is not sure how to handle it. It is meaningful and something we all have to face. His struggle is my struggle, our struggle.

Safe And Also No Fear, the third album of Slaughter Beach, Dog will be released via Lame-O Records on August 2nd. At the heart of it are delicate, radiant folk melodies. There is a simplicity in it’s language, but collectively the words translate a bittersweet understanding. He is struggling with his fading youth and grappling with his inevitable adulthood. Ewald examines his existence and humanity in such a cunning, casual way. The conflict almost slips by unnoticed as it’s carefully hidden in upbeat sparkly tunes. Then with reflection, the wisdom of his everyday ramblings hits brilliantly.

Jake Ewald, formerly of Philly emo-punk group, Modern Baseball, went off on his own after the band’s breakup due to exhaustion and mental health issues. His albums with Slaughter Beach, Dog, Welcome and Birdie garnished a loyal following with Ewald’s breakout songs based on fictional characters. His latest project is further enhanced by the addition of more members, with bassist Ian Farmer (Modern Baseball), guitarist Nick Harris (All Dogs), and drummer Zack Robbins (Superheaven). Their creative input and dynamic helps Slaughter Beach, Dog to be more cohesive and complete by adding depth to the simple folk tunes, creating a collective mosaic of sound. Welcomewas raw and experimental. Birdie was a healing departure, by Ewald writing about something other than himself. But the third album, Safe And Also No Fear, hits harder and is clearly a creative, deeply diving personal gamble.

On Safe And Also No Fear, Ewald’s warm, vulnerable vocals unleash simple storytelling masterpieces. His songwriting is more developed, mature, and keenly observant. As his buttery vocals are softly offered in each song, the acoustic guitar and changing musical arrangements balance the foundations by filling each song with an expansive complexity.

The first track on the album,“One Down,” is clearly autobiographical. It is a testimony to Ewald critically viewing his life in an open, honest way. He begins with his folksy, acoustic roots, while confessionally listing his everyday actions. As the song progresses, it shifts from being a solo singer and acoustic guitar to a gradual introduction of other instruments. The music builds into something more complex, but continues to stay vulnerable and tender. “One Down” immediately alerts the listeners the album is going to have a broader, more expansive shift, and move in a compelling new direction.

“Good Ones” is chock full of clever lyrics, heavy bass, and pounding beats which add the perfect tinge of punk defiance. His artistically creative, poetic lyrics tumble out rapid-fire which contrast the slowing tempo, shaping the puzzling verse.

“Into the void, a plea to make it through the night 
My kind of man, always right,
Dead on deployment sea, your dog went toward the fight
Licking his wounds, with stars in his eyes”

Each song on the album needs to be sifted, sorted, and listened to on repeat to discern the beauty and the hidden hefty meanings. “Black Oak” because of its risky seven minute length requires that breakdown. Beginning with a simple strum of guitar and a repetitive thumping of a drum, it’s entirely spoken and unveils a murky, curious story. This peculiar dark story tells of ingesting everyday objects like a tea towel, refrigerator magnets, and a watch on a dare, only to get sick in the street. When spit out, the magnets perfectly spell out his lover’s name. He then goes searching for her. The narration finishes with a shocking twist, and for the second half of the song, the instruments beautifully blossom among soothing hushed choruses. The fictional story reflects his ability to create characters outside of himself, compared to other, more realistic songs on the album. This proves to be a well-done, thematic outlier on the album.

An odd addition for its rawness and lack of sleek production is “Petersburg.” The fuzzy humming background, which sounds as if it was recorded in a space separate from the rest of the album, provides a needed diversion from the rest of the album and reflects Ewald’s past songwriting, an ode to his roots.

Many of the tunes on the album embrace a happy catchy beat, but after further examination prove to be darker in subject, including the songs, “Good Ones,” “Tangerine,” and “Heart Attack.” As one of the poppiest songs on the album, “Heart Attack,” expresses the exaggerated result of leaving a message and waiting for some kind, any kind of response. Ewald’s ability to make light of the torturous waiting allows him to express his deepest fears of rejection in the context of humor.

“One Day” expresses the internal urgency to be better, do better, and behave better despite our basic humanity and inescapable flaws. Supporting the theme throughout the album, Ewald delicately balances his youthful behavior and lifestyle with the person he wishes to be one day. A steady drum beat and expansive shiny guitars emphasize his analytical lyrics. 

“One day you’ll be good
You won’t know why it scared you
You’ll act just like you should
You’ll fix that awful hairdo
Anyday now, Anyday now”

“Map Of The Stars,” a favorite of mine, sentimentally reflects on his life, bandmates, and friends. It openly exposes his fragility and shortcomings while simultaneously making a concerted effort to mature. 

“Begging for brains in your prayers
Falling asleep on the stairs
Waking up angry and scared
Coughing up sand everywhere”

He inspects his vulnerability again in the final tune, “Anything.” Through the mundane responsibilities like picking up groceries and not being recognized by friends, he implies a transition between his boyish youthful self and his gradual attempts to become an adult. Although “Anything” is upbeat, it’s lyrically quite touching and meaningful. Beginning acoustically, it builds gradually to a full band. A haunting humming synth sound evokes emotions and grounds the album, as a final bow to his youth.

“I tried to tell about difference in the nighttime
But I could not tell it then
If I needed you to swim 
Would you swim back?
Would you come to me again?
Anything you want to know, you could find out
Any place you want to see
I can promise I will be a friend to you 
If you will be a friend to me”

Jake Ewald delicately exposes his weaknesses and deepest desires through his everyday thoughts and vivid, charismatic songwriting. Safe And Also No Fear uses simple but powerful lyrics to uncover complex, thoughtful ideas on life, growth, and change. A creative risk because it appears to be deeply personal, the album proves Ewald is a musical force. The addition of a full band and their close collaboration is the instrumental emphasis to the album’s coming-of-age theme. Clearly putting aside any anxiety or fear, Slaughter Beach, Dog is something worthwhile, unbearingly honest, relatable, and truly brilliant. 

Throwback Thursday-Alice Cooper-School’s Out

“School’s Out” by Alice Cooper stands the test of time and is a celebratory cheer that surpasses generations.

Some songs are timeless. “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper stands the test of time and is a celebratory cheer that surpasses generations. Released in 1972, it is now almost 50 years old!

Every year as the final bell rings at school, this song pops in my head. It reminds me of the freedom of youth and the long endless days of boredom, vacations, friends, sunshine, and romance. What promises will your summer bring? Even though I know school isn’t out forever for me, I still think of the summer months as a rejuvenating time to reignite my personal flame.

Wishing you all a productive, exciting, and restful summer! Enjoy.

Alice Cooper-School’s Out

“Well we got no choice
All the girls and boys
Makin’ all that noise

Cause they found new toys
Well we can’t salute ya

Can’t find a flag
If that don’t suit ya
That’s a drag

School’s out for summer
School’s out forever
School’s been blown to pieces

No more pencils No more books
No more books
No more teacher’s dirty looks

Well we got no class
And we got no principles
And we got no innocence
We can’t even think of a word that rhymes

School’s out for summer
School’s out forever
My school’s been blown to pieces”

Alice Cooper, born Vincent Damon Furnier, is a singer, songwriter and actor with a stage show that features guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, deadly snakes, baby dolls, and dueling swords, Cooper is considered by music journalists and peers alike to be “The Godfather of Shock Rock”. He always felt that the band needed a gimmick to succeed and incorporated many acts to his live shows with gothic makeup and wild costumes and props.

Cooper shared the inspiration behind, “School’s Out,” “What’s the greatest three minutes of your life?”. Cooper said: “There’s two times during the year. One is Christmas morning, when you’re just getting ready to open the presents. The greed factor is right there. The next one is the last three minutes of the last day of school when you’re sitting there and it’s like a slow fuse burning. I said, ‘If we can catch that three minutes in a song, it’s going to be so big.'”

With seven band albums from 1969-1973, the original Alice Cooper band was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame in 2011. Alice Cooper has a whopping 20 solo albums, and his latest, Paranormal, was released in 2017.

Recognized as one of the most beloved heavy metal entertainers, today Cooper is a film actor, a golfing celebrity, a restaurateur, and, since 2004, a popular radio DJ with his classic rock show, Nights With Alice Cooper. Touring almost the entirety of 2019 with his latest tour, ‘Ol Black Eyes Is Back, you can catch him when he comes near you, TOUR HERE. At 71, it seems there is no slowing this guy down!

Lucy Dacus-Night Shift

Losing love can be so very hard to navigate, but sometimes a beautiful song provides a path for measured healing.


Winning and Losing.

It is incredibly hard to navigate the waters of both. Learning to win humbly or to lose with a bit of grace are difficult waves to stay afloat on. Where do you stand?

I have many summers of game playing memories. My dad was in charge of military summer Airborne/Paratrooper camps and the family followed him as a “vacation” away from home. We spent hours in guest housing on military forts, with an occasional pool or movie visit.

We passed the time with games and the game of choice was typically Monopoly. I was one of the youngest players and I was a regular loser in a game of older siblings and adults. I was too young to really understand the economic strategy of land ownership and being a powerful landlord. I just remember, I had crazy lucky rolls that would infuriate the powerful owners, skipping their daunting hotel properties to win another $200 as I slid past the GO space. My luck would only last so long…..

I hated the long drawn out games and the finality of losing, losing, losing. I overheard the praises of the smart winners for their deft Monopoly ingenuity. Over weeks and summers of losing, I decided I had enough.

Losing can play some hard mind games. But looking back, I just didn’t really feel the need to be the winner mainly because I didn’t care to acquire the mean mentality to have the skills. I decided to devise other diverting tactics. I would usually choose the ship as my playing piece and drive the other players crazy with my fog horn sound effects as I navigated the property blocks according to the dots on the dice. Or I would choose the shoe playing piece and dance absurdly long dances to get from property to property. I relished in the fact that it would start as cute but also be perfectly agitating and annoying.

“Never be passive. Victories happen when you take charge of a game. You can’t win by playing not to lose.” -Karen Kingsbury

Games are difficult. Winning and Losing can be hard..

Winning is most certainly always rewarded. Losing, not so much….

Does winning really tell everything about someone? Is it all that they are? Does losing allow us to demean another’s worth and their value?

Losing at love is another story altogether. It can be heartbreaking and terribly tragic. A heart-break can be so painful and sometimes self-esteem sucking. Questions might surface like, “Am I okay?” or ” What is wrong with me?” We try to overlook the pain, the tragedy of rejection, and the frightening worry that we were completely clueless and may never find love again.

But looking back, loss is a learning experience and a moment packed with a powerful trajectory of growth. At the time it might have been humbling and awful, but learning from monopoly and other games as well as close relationships I have lost in my life, I have also learned that trying too hard, pushing an agenda, and manipulating an outcome are fails. They only provide fleeting adrenaline, but don’t last in the long run. Providing space to heal and working toward changing your mindset are both critical moves in a positive direction.

Lucy Dacus is an artist who sings a very personal story of loss and shares her strength, resilience, and valuable learning.  I have to share her fine example of a song expressed with lessons learned, while providing seedlings of a new-found confidence, all within a strategy of self-preservation. The perfect balance of providing time to heal and nurturing a changed mindset.

“The first time I tasted somebody else’s spit, I had a coughing fit
I mistakenly called them by your name
I was let down, it wasn’t the same
I’m doing fine, trying to derail my one track mind
Regaining my self-worth in record time
But I can’t help but think of your other in the bed that was mine
Am I a masochist, resisting urges to punch you in the teeth
Call you a bitch and leave?
Why did I come here? To sit and watch you stare at your feet?
What was the plan? Absolve your guilt and shake hands?

I feel no need to forgive but I might as well
But let me kiss your lips so I know how it felt
Pay for my coffee and leave before the sun goes down
Walk for hours in the dark feeling all hell

[Verse 2]
Don’t hold your breath, forget you ever saw me at my best
You don’t deserve what you don’t respect
Don’t deserve what you say you love and then neglect
Now bite your tongue, it’s too dangerous to fall so young
Take back what you said
Can’t lose what you never had


I feel no need to forgive but I might as well
But let me kiss your lips so I know how it felt
Pay for my coffee and leave before the sun goes down
Walk for hours in the dark feeling all hell

You got a 9 to 5, so I’ll take the night shift
And I’ll never see you again if I can help it
In five years I hope the songs feel like covers
Dedicated to new lovers

You got a 9 to 5, so I’ll take the night shift
And I’ll never see you again if I can help it
In five years I hope the songs feel like covers
Dedicated to new lovers

You got a 9 to 5, so I’ll take the night shift
And I’ll never see you again if I can help it
In five years I hope the songs feel like covers
Dedicated to new lovers”


Lucy Dacus makes a powerful statement with her first distressing lines in this song. Lyrically they are impactful and throw me a bit off-balance but beautifully sung with a warm, melting tone. In “Night Shift”, we are thrust into an uncomfortable narrative of a familiar story of losing love. Set apart with a quiet electric guitar, the words have more weight. The song expands with a simple drumbeat and added instrumentation. There is a subtle musical shift when Lucy draws us slowly through her experience to her eventual solution of avoidance, where she repeats her plan in three refrains, setting a precedence of strength and growth. “Night Shift” is the undeniable break up song.

Lucy Dacus, a singer songwriter from Richmond, VA, is a force to watch perform and listen to. With her 2nd album, Historian, expected in early March on Matador Records, we are blessed with more of her to come. I have covered her before at Savannah Stopover (HERE) and continue to be impressed with her ability to open up her life to us in song. It is beautiful and tender and musically impressive.

Yes, we all lose sometimes.

As I write this, my Georgia Bulldogs lost the college national championship in a single Alabama touchdown play in overtime. It was a slam in the face crushing blow after being on top most of the game. How do we respond? What do we do with the loss?

For me, I will be sad for a while, but I will also remind myself that last August, I NEVER thought this team would ever be here. So I will focus on the proud accomplishments of a very young UGA football team with lots of promise. They showed up and played a hell of a game.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Doing the best with what we have and what we know, and then learning from the loss? Provide space for healling and then moving on.

I probably won’t be playing Monopoly anytime soon, but hopeful for important wins in my life this year. May you experience some wins in 2018, but also a few losses you can learn and grow from. Because ultimately, when we look back with fresh eyes, experiencing a harsh loss makes the next win that much sweeter, am I right?

The Killers-The Man

The Killers recently unleashed a fun jam with a memorable, sing-a-long chorus. We all know one of these guys….right? 

Read More…

Happy Friday y’all!

I am obsessed with this song. The Killers recently unleashed a fun jam with a memorable, sing-a-long chorus. Not so sure about the man, but it is fun to watch his ego unfold in the music video. We all know one of these guys….right?

“The Man” is the perfect song to help pump you up as you ready for your weekend evening out. You will thank me for this post, even if you’ve heard the song before because the video is the cherry on top!

The Killers-The Man



The Killers are an American Rock band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2003.  Brandon Flowers-singer/keyboardist, Ronnie Vanucci-drummer, Dave Keuning-guitarist, and Mark Stoermer-bassist create the Grammy nominated and award winning music. They have four chart topping albums and are about to release their fifth studio album, Wonderful, Wonderful on Sept. 22. They also have an extensive touring schedule beginning in August. Check out their website for more info, The Killers

Helping you dance your way through the weekend, one song at a time!





Live Gig- Pinegrove, The Sidekicks, The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, and Into It. Over It.

Live music is the best. You never know what cool discoveries might peak your interest

What a wonderful night of music.

Last week (okay a couple of weeks ago) I made the decision to see a hot new musician on the 2016 scene. Pinegrove is a band I’ve blogged about and been singing praises for his unique songwriting style. How could I not show up for his appearance in Atlanta at The Masquerade? With the venue’s eventual closing due to redevelopment, it is a must to attend as many shows as I can.

Here is my experience in photos.





I found it cool the audience knew all of the words to his songs. I am a big fan, but I only know a couple of songs  enough to sing along. I took notice and asked him after his set what he thought about it. He beamed a huge smile, said it was a first for him, and he was genuinely surprised. I love my city for being so music savvy !

The Sidekicks


A foursome from Ohio who play some solid rock tunes. Quite honestly, I was chowing down on a veggie burger during their set, and yet it proved to be a cool listen.


The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die


This band has an ultra long name and their amazing musicians almost overcrowded the stage, but the event proved to be memorable. Their members are ever changing, due to their performance and recording lineup varying. It was an experience to hear the musical jigs and jags as they spontaneously played beyond the core songs.





It was almost impossible to get a good photo from where I was standing. There were so many on stage. The movement and arrangement of the music and musicians helped the band to stay in constant motion. What a lead singer! Once again, the crowd sang every lyric or maybe I should say shouted every lyric. What a solid vibe.

The final band of the night was Into It. Over It. 

Into It. Over It.


They are a subtle mix of an indie rock and emo that plays well with the audience. Just releasing an album in March, Standards, they played fresh new tunes.


I have been seeing this more often and find the sound quite beautiful. Strumming a guitar with a bow, or even a drum stick… is ultra interesting to watch too.


Wanted to be sure to get a photo of the drummer, he was pounding it well. It was a great night of music that stretched my listening and introduced me to a few bands, I quickly learned, which have a huge following.

Who knew? Now I do… music is the best.

DreamVacation-End Of Time

Alternative shoegaze foursome cranks out a solid tune

Mood Monday.


I was presented with a bunch of music this week, lots of new bands and amazing submissions. But, on this particular Monday, my mood is my mood and the band Dream Vacation finds a sweet spot in my heart.

Shut out the world and just crank it up. Yep, full throttle. This is a tune meant for good speakers or powerful headphones, and closed eyes. There are layers of instruments, whispers, and repetitive reminders that over distance and time, caring and compassion never end.


Dream Vacation-End Of Time

“End Of Time” is transcendent and a bit melancholy. The song is representative of the wonky space I live in right now. I find the world around me to be a little helpless, unchanging, and despite some dissatisfaction, I still care.  I care deeply. The song is heartfelt and deep enough to dig into solidly.



Dream Vacation is Ray Silva on vocals and guitar, Noah Alexander on drums, Morgan Terrinoni on guitar, and Gerry Matthews is the bassist and backing vocals. The alternative shoegaze foursome is out of Los Angeles.

“We hope to inspire people to think and see things differently than they normally do.  And maybe even remember things they thought they forgot.  To feel more connected and sense that there is more kindness available than it seems.”

Nice inspiration for my Monday.

Music Midtown 2015-Alice In Chains, Metric, Elton John, and Drake

Music Midtown 2015- Friday night line-up


So very excited for Friday night at Music Midtown. Here’s the exciting lineup from 8:00pm on…

Alice in Chains


Known for their iconic place in the metal head hall of fame (albums in the double digits) this band has some serious metal followers, and rightly so. I recognize them as rock artists first and foremost, and want to share a version of their music that spoke to me the most. Listen…




This is a tripped out disco dance tune. The band has a more personal vibe, but I liked this wacky tune the most. It resonated with me simply based on its vast amount of different.


Elton John


Okay, here is the Elton John set list for Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in San Francisco……

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.24.45 PM

If he plays 1/3 rd of these songs, I can literally die one happy gal. This is an insane amount of wowing music that should be revered, right?

But then all bets are off if I hear this song live, a favorite of mine….




Yep, Hip Hop is so very popular. We are in Atlanta, right? This is going to be an insane show and I want to be a part of it. I want to experience it all, especially since I am not really a long time fan of this genre. I am learning and want to learn more. Here is an older winner of a song for him that I know well. Enjoy!


Crazy good choices!

Who will you see?

I say kudos to those that picked the bands. This is an example of interesting music diversity. It may appeal to all ages and provide the opportunity to musically educate someone who may not know a band or a particular sound or genre.

Go to previous blogs to hear earlier bands on Friday (below).

Be sure to stay tuned as I break down Saturday’s line-up. We are only a few days away, the count down is on!

Wrecking Ball Atlanta 2015-Music Festival Review

Better late than never, right?

Another festival came to town last weekend and I made a last minute decision to be there for the final day. Wrecking Ball had four stages and over 60 bands gathered for celebrating 25 years of music at The Masquerade. The Wrecking Ball website boasted that stylistically, rock, punk-rock, hardcore, post hardcore, emo, and all of the flavors in between were represented at the festival. I primarily stuck to what I love….



Planning for any festival is essential and listening to the band line-up helps narrow down the music that interests me the most. I chose to attend on Sunday due to a couple of the bands were ‘no brainers’, because I have blogged their songs or I have them on my playlist. Then, I considered the new bands I was excited to explore. Here is the simple compilation of my photos and experiences that rocked my day!


Oh and yes, I had to do the ultimate wrecking ball photo….. don’t judge me. It was just a spontaneous happy moment!

IMG_6229 (1)


There were the bands, because a festival is all about the bands….right?

My day began with the energy infused….You Blew It from Orlando, Fl.



No festival experience is complete until the guitarist shreds while crowd surfing.



We worked our way closer and then of course this happened!



It was time for a much less intense set. Next came the calm, shy, but talented and thoughtful Frankie Cosmos






She seemed genuinely surprised at the venue and the audience. She was so shy behind the stage lights and each song was sung with her eyes closed, but she belted the songs out with purpose. I couldn’t help but appreciate her and the apparent camaraderie of her band members. They were having fun, chatting it up between songs and chuckling at who knows what. Here’s a little more about why I wanted to hear her, the back story from a post I did a while back. Oh and I found this one too!


Then, with creativity and poetry power, the band of Girlpool became a force of witty punches and masterful musical presence.



IMG_6175IMG_6170 (1)


I thought I would share a tune I haven’t already blogged. If you are curious about my other post….here is my post on Girlpool. They were funny discussing the stage they were playing on….’Hell’ at the Masquerade and both chuckled about Girlpool in Hell, and the wild tweets that might come out of it. After their set, I quickly chatted with Cleo about their song writing and she assured me, they (she and Harmony) collaborated together on all of the songs. There is something so raw and interesting about them and I am not alone in my fandom. They had many in the audience singing along and cheering their music.

From there, I took a break to grab some food while waiting on Desaparecidos (yes, I had to check and re-check the spelling). Weirdly, after a yummy food truck dinner, we went to another stage and thought we were up front and ready, but we were at the wrong stage. It was a glorious snafu because the band playing, The Appleseed Cast was truly amazing. They played their hearts out to an appreciative and tight crowd.


I hope you notice the three guitars up front. All three guitarists were talented musicians and the riffs were mind-blowing and full of diversion. I am a new fan of this band from Lawerence, Kansas. You probably already know them due to their eye-popping six albums! The Appleseed Cast plays the kind of jam that is perfect for a weekend and pure listening pleasure. Chris Crisci, and founding member, has warm vocals that add so much to the music, while the drummer never slows his energetic pounding and punctuating of each song. Here’s a track from their 2013 album, Illumination Ritual, “Great Lake Derelict “.



So mesmerized by the music, I couldn’t leave and found that I missed the first few songs of  Desaparecidos. Such is a festival with wonderful music distraction…too many bands and not enough time to hear them all.

When we finally arrived at the outdoor stage, they were playing full tilt and the crowd was having a blast. This was as close as we could get…


They played some powerful, pumping music that had heads bobbing throughout the crowd. I have blogged them before so check it out, here. Conor Oberst, of former band Bright Eyes, is the lead singer and his familiar voice belted out ‘fight the establishment’ lyrics. Desaparecidos take their name from the word given to political dissidents who mysteriously disappeared under Augusto Pinochet’s right-wing dictatorship in Chile from 1973-1990 for questioning his and his government’s mode of rule. Their music plays on that theme with passion.

Then, as the sun was setting and the last bands were playing I caught another band that was new to me. Somos, a four piece band from Boston, Mass. They are Michael Fiorentino- Vocals + Bass, Phil Haggerty- Guitar, Justin Hahn- Guitar, and Evan Deges on Drums (check out the photo I caught of him with perfect head swinging hair).




With a new album coming out and a bunch of touring dates this fall, you might want to catch them live. Check them out on Facebook to keep up with their music and shows. If you like the music, you really don’t want to miss them perform. Their Facebook page describes their sound perfectly,

“The Boston band works in catchy, passionate three-minute rock songs recorded with too much punch to be lo-fi, too melodically contoured to be punk.”

So with that last set, I called it a night. Fall is almost here and the music scene is going to be so insane! I hope you’ll stick around and listen with me.







Young Jesus-Milo


I am not sure why this song has me so moved.

The darkness is palpable but beautifully surrounded by a voice that emphasizes the haunting, lovely quality of sound. Put on your headphones and listen to this amazing voice and let the lyrics soak into you. I am not sure how the lyrics fit in my life today, but the depth of the sound and the simple guitar strum has me wanting to share it. At 1:19 it opens up and swirls around your ears in perfect instrumental power. “Milo”….Moving music, right here.

Decide on your own.



he sees your daughter in a sundress
eating oranges alone
he feels the love of a father
a love his brother ignored
but he is fumbling with a bottle
cause it makes sense just to hold
but don’t you worry while he’s using
it just helps everything slow

the robotics of a system
built of neurons and bile
regurgitate a type of matter
a sort of natural dye
he paints his face and feels a brightness
glowing brighter inside
the cave he built out of the thorax
of the organist’s hide

milo’s chewing on a plant
that he bought ages ago
it tastes something like aloe vera
but it closes his throat
and when he’s done becomes a prophet
sings the world as its shown
but he is not the first to sing
the overwhelming unknown

all the birds singing
all the plants growing
all the wind blowing
all the bugs crawling
all the birds breaking
all the plants dying
all the wind crawling
and the blood flowing
and the waves breaking
with the birds singing
and the plants speaking
to the wind dying

Young Jesus is John Rossiter (Guitar/Vox), Shawn Nystrand (Bass), Garrison Benson (Lead Guitar), Peter Martin (Drums), and Eric Shevrin (Keys/Vox). They are an indie-rock band out of Chicago, but now live in LA.


I am intrigued with their unique sound and confounding, curious lyrics. I have listened to them on repeat and can’t get enough. Releasing their new album Grow/Decompose last May, they should be listened to and shared. What do you think?

The fast pace of the world has us ignoring the reality of the simplicity of air, breathing, the simple changes of each moment, and the inevitable, certain tragic loss of it all. Are you taking it all for granted?

Cherish life, each moment, embrace it and let music renew you, as it does me.

Elle King-America’s Sweetheart

Mood Monday.


I’m in need of some inner firecracker power.

You know, the wowing force of a strong voice and a foot stomping beat?  I really need a sound that reminds me to stay steadfast on my life path and honor my wishes and wants without looking back or second guessing. I love finding a female vocalist that reminds me to be strong and listen to my own inner voice and celebrate my own uniqueness.

“Beat the drum with me..”

Elle King is an untamable force of musical energy.

Her musical style encompasses country, soul, rock, and blues. In a recent People Magazine interview, she said,

“I grew up barefoot, dirty, climbing trees. … It made me appreciate things more, I’m not doing this for money. Hell, I’m barely making any money. But it’s the most fun, and it’s what gives me joy in life.”

Her debut album, Love Stuff, is out now. If you like her brassy style, you might want to watch her this Friday, April 3rd, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


I believe she says what she wants and convinces you she sports a serious bad girl persona. Despite that, I love her self-assuredness. This tune, “America’s Sweetheart”, is a perfect jam for my mood today. There is something so charging and powerful about a gal that seems to have it all figured out and doesn’t need any reassurance…the kind of gal with a surefire personality that doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody.

We should all recognize what makes us special and follow our own inner compass because ultimately, it will be the best guide. With that said,  I have to admit that I am sometimes a melty mess in comparison to this kind of girl, but I admire her rebellious attitude and wonder where she gets that self-assured confidence. To be honest, I wish for just a little, itty bitty piece of it.

Perhaps, it can be captured from a tune. I think I’ll listen again.

Update….she nailed it!