Hunt-This Cannot Be

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Swedish band, Hunt, is Hillevi Duus, Jakob Enlund, Johanna Hellqvist, and Susanna Brandin. The following video is so compelling, and I am totally drawn into the song as they move to the music.

Hunt- This Cannot Be



The single,“This Cannot Be”, weaves together lovely guitar melodies, steady, emphatic drum beats, and haunting, echoey vocals. The power of their music is timeless and relatable. You cannot help but close your eyes and move instinctively to their unforgettable sound.

Their website describes the band as…

“…guitar driven pop that leaves the listener swaying between feelings of complete forsakenness and distant salvation.”





Despite being a world away from Atlanta, Georgia, I find them to be one of my favorite sounds this year. Their second LP Branches was released by Lövely Records on April 8th, 2016. I have been playing the album on repeat since learning about Hunt, a week or so ago. Unable to translate many of their reviews, I just have to trust my own feelings and musical instincts. My intuitions haven’t steered me wrong thus far.

I hope you’ll give them a listen.


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