Shungudzo-It’s a Good Day (to fight the system)

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Authenticity Matters

Truth Matters

My blog here has nothing to do with more people liking it and creating more engagement. As much as I would welcome and love that, I am not going to change who I am to create a larger audience.

This is the space where I share incredible music within the context of my personal voice. It is hard and sometimes a personal struggle based on my deep passions about rights, politics, friendships, relationships, and our world. Yet, the music miraculously finds me, strikes a chord, and becomes a heartfelt companion.

I will continue to share my beliefs on human rights, black lives matter, health care for all, criminal justice reform, clean energy, rebuilding our infrastructure, as well as increased funding for public schools & mental health, and I deeply believe in love….all love. In 2021, I will work toward realizing these beliefs and I can’t completely separate these important foundations when I listen to new music. They go hand in hand. I am giving you fair warning.

In this unfolding new year, I strive to continue to lean into authenticity.

Authenticity means to be genuine, original, real, and true. It is a difficult thing to be in the world of social media. I have witnessed and been a part of incendiary statements made on sites to create tension and add engagement. Conspiracy theories or suggesting alternative information just to get a push back and click bait, is not a part of my language.

I speak only what I truly believe in my heart and what has been fact checked. But, thankfully, I have been blogging for over 7 years and I have learned it is primarily the music that brings people to this site. I am so thankful to you, my loyal followers, even as I have been more quiet in 2020. The quiet was intentional, for that is the only place where one can learn and grow. Loud cluttered noise, finger wagging, and empty chat provide no place for authenticity and discussion.

So, as we face one of the most important Georgia run off elections in history, I can’t help but share music which provides important power to the people. Let’s rid our system of career politicians that just make money from their political power. Vote for candidates that plan to work for the people of their districts and make strategic changes. If you live in Georgia and haven’t already voted, as I have, make a plan to vote! You have until 7pm!

Your vote, your power!

Shungudzo-It’s a Good Day (to fight the system)

Who is Shungudzo?

“Alexandra Shungudzo Govere, better known as just Shungudzo, is a Zimbabwean-American philanthropist, singer, songwriter, record producer, gymnast, journalist and reality television personality. She caught the attention of the world when she was a gymnast for Zimbabwe, and later founded the Kijana project providing relief for Aids orphans. Then, she gained wide media attention as a cast member for the reality show, The Real World:San Diego.”

She released a a mixed tape in 2010 and has released original music as well as cowritten a number of songs since 2017.

Her latest track, “It’s a Good Day (to fight the system)” was released in October of 2020 from the first chapter, I (motsi) of a forthcoming collection of music coming in 2021. Shungudzo’s catchphrase is “using words as weapons of love”. Her voice is like dripping raw honey with a lyrical, focused principle of rallying people to vote and inspire. I was swept up by the chorus of voices, as well as, the horn arrangements and crisp guitar. All contributed to creating bright and up lifting music. I can totally stand behind the message as well, we must all fight against the systems that oppress, with love and unity.

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