Savannah Stopover Photos-My Last Night of Live Music

Savannah Stopover, discover new music, meet incredible bands, all through my lens

**This has been a really hard time….it took way too long for me to post this. I have picked up my computer and put it down hundreds of times. I have slowly trudged through doing the thing I love most. No excuses, just highly distracted. Hope you and yours are healthy and social distancing. Still praying for mine, right now. I am thankful for this community and am concerned for what the future looks like…. here, I hope I might provide a little distraction.

Climbing the walls yet?

If you are asked to stay inside like we are in Atlanta, you might be like me …..going a little stir crazy. I am trying to catch the latest updates on the Coronavirus, but I am also trying not to watch too much news. I have made every effort to shower, dress, make up my bed, and set aside time for self care, like read a book, enjoy a frivolous tv show, check in with the people I love, and walk my dog outside. I am also planning to pick up the guitar and try to master the beast I have sadly abandoned several times. So far, it is going okay.

Recently, our neighbors met in the street 6 feet apart and we cheered each other with BYO cocktails. It was St. Patrick’s Day, since then we have met off and on with dear friends, careful to be a six foot social under 10 people. That first day seems like a lifetime ago and it was only two weeks ago. If we all remain healthy, this might be a really good occasional practice. Of course if the world allows the connection. Somehow when you can see others, you are reminded you aren’t alone in it all. Each day is all a bit overwhelming.

I find peace in sharing my festival experiences with you all. I know you have limited time to read my blog, but this is what I love to do. This is what I care about. These are the artists who need our support right now. So, come along with me as I finish my last day enjoying life at Savannah Stopover. It may be the last concert I go to in a very long while. Who knew? So returning to it and reminiscing is a healing experience for me. Please come along and enjoy it too. Ride the happy, oblivious ride before the world is forever changed. Because it is already changed.

I meet incredible people when I go to concerts. This year at Savannah Stopover everyone was especially connected and friendly. Maybe we had an inkling that life might be different in our future. Ashley Olson (out of Connecticut, I think) shared some pictures of some of her favorite bands at Stopover, and ones I missed. I thought I would share her three photos with you first, and give you some background, letting you see some choices other than the ones I visited.


Donna Savage

A local Savannah band, Donna Savage, has very little info on the internet, but are distinctive for the skeletal face masks they wear on stage. I wonder if it is hard to perform, but Ashley seems to think they were hindered at all and proved to be amazing.

Their Bio….

“Crawling fast outta the grave and thrashing loudly from a dark garage, these unknown swingers are trashing it hard. Driving rock and roll man! It’s mean surf punk that will keep you dreaming for doughnuts. These freaks make the scene happen and you can’t help keep the inner caveman or woman from creeping out to stomp. Remember when going to a show was dangerous? Yeah, well this is that.”

Photo credit Ashley Olson

Mind Shrine

Their Bio…

“A divination of sound procured by the hands of lazy Saturday mornings transformed by the mere acquaintances between Brian Gonzalez, Richie Alejandro, and Bradley DeAnda, and in 2018, expanded to include the silvery serenades of Jess Howard into perfect counterparts. Based in Houston, Texas with Chicano blood in their ranks, through the emotion and expression discovered in the resonance of their newfound sound, Mind Shrine was conceived. Their new debut EP encapsulates soft nostalgia that permeates the project and its approach to soft rock, psychedelia and indie.”

photo credit Ashley Olson

Here lies a beautiful voice and easy going chill vibe, absolutely perfect for the times we live in now!

Jeremy Albino

Their Bio…

“There’s no counting the worlds Jeremie Albino has travelled to get to where he is today, and no telling which ones he might head to next. Born and raised in the bright and booming metropolis of Toronto, his heart led him out of the city and into Prince Edward County, where country living and a decade of working on farms gave him the time and space to hone his songwriting skills. His music nods to all manner of troubadours who rambled down similar paths throughout history—he nods slyly to the legendary blues singers who inspired him, offers a soft and insightful touch with his folk songs, and stomps and swaggers through soulful rock ‘n’ roll. But Jeremie Albino is a natural and an original, created by an alchemy that favours, above all else, that most mysterious and coveted of qualities: heart.”

photo credit Ashley Olson

I have to say after listening to Jeremy Albino’s many tunes, I am wowed by his songwriting, catchy choruses, and musical ability. He leads a foot stomping band with lots of talent. Their songs should easily slip into your most listened playlist.

So apart from sharing those bands I may have missed….Here is my last day at Stopover X! Here, I share my experience and it was a doozy y’all!

My day began with the Whiskey Wolves of the West. I don’t really know how the morning morphed so quickly into the afternoon, but we were faced with a lingering late lunch of our choice or catching a band and eating a speedy lunch later. It was a struggle to put lunch off, but we soldiered on and saw the Whiskey Wolves. I have to say, I am glad we did! The growling tummy sacrifice was totally worth it.

Whiskey Wolves of the West

Whiskey Wolves of the West is a good old fashioned Southern rock band. Who doesn’t love to start a Saturday afternoon with a little foot stomping and guitar riffing, rock and roll joy? Whiskey Wolves is longtime Nashville guitar ace, Leroy Powell and celebrity singer/songwriter, Tim Jones. They describe their sound as “Dangerously fun Americana“. Yep…I am glad I began my music listening with their storied roots and romping sound.

Kate Bollinger

Step aside and let the good ones through. Kate has a soothing indie voice which does just that….soothes. She is a new artist to keep your eye on for sure.

El Rocko was impressively packed for a late Saturday afternoon. Somebody got the memo and I am lucky I was in the right place at the right time. Her biography….

“Kate Bollinger is an indie singer/songwriter from Virginia, her introspective, jazz-inflected songs mix gentle atmospheres with her bright, warm vocal delivery. Traversing folk, indie rock, and R&B leanings on early songs, she has settled into a mellow indie pop.” 

Her playlist….

Kate Bollinger proved to be a very nice surprise. She provided a soothing voice for the afternoon. By looking back and listening again, her voice makes more of an impression today as a calming, stress reliever in these crazy uncertain times. Give her a listen….

Damon and the Shit Kickers

I just stepped in to listen for a song or two. Damon and the Shit Kickers are a band that has a definite following in Savannah. I barely made it in due to a number restriction at The Jinx (yep they were packed). So when I entered, I was able to hoot a bit and then snap a fun picture of the band doing what they do best, playing real country jams!

Sir Woman

So, as I ran to the Ships of the Sea stage to catch the next bands, I carefully made my way to the front row. It wasn’t easy, but there was an adorable family whose dad, brother, and nephew, was the bass player for Sir Woman and they kindly let me stand beside them. The most excited were under 12 and jumping up and down in anticipation for seeing their relative play for the first time on a big stage. They also pointed out his gorgeous new gold guitar!

Their relative, a bass guitarist, was playing with Sir Woman. Sir Woman is the newest project for accomplished Austin singer/songwriter, Kelsey Wilson co-founder of Wild Child. Sir Woman has a new album Party City and it will be her first solo release. According to the adorable boys pushing the limits of the edge of the stage, this was their first chance to see the whole band in concert. My new buddy was so adorable and assured me he would give me a thumbs up when they played his favorite song, which turned out to be, “Highroad”. More power to the music makers spreading their genuine love to family, immediate and extended! (In my little video clip you can check out the guys and their exuberance!)

So much joy in their music….

Because their song wasn’t on my radar and it should’ve been…..Enjoy!

Durand Jones & the Indications

Durand Jones and The Indications is a deep soul, revival band out of Indiana. You know a band has panache when you find out the lead singer’s life was forever changed when his grandmother gave him an alto saxophone. I admit I swooned over Jones’ ability to craft the 70’s R&B throwback sound, and the massive crowd pressing us against the stage totally revived my inner swag (only wish I had more room to show it). This band is so smooth….I am thinking, if I wax the bottom of my shoes, I might be able to attempt his fast foot shuffle.

Yep, for a song or two it was that kind of close your eyes and feel the mellow vibes.

I love that they switch off lead singers. This dude not only jams on the drums, he has a falsetto that can send me back to the early days of rock and roll. They were a welcomed nostalgic comfort.

Then there is their belting James Brown vibe….incredible talent.

I was fortunate because the young boys near me were so excited about this band that the lead singer practically serenaded us. The boys held up their newly purchased Durand Jones t-shirts and waved them around throughout the set while their proud dad standing behind them beamed. It was an organic experience which made me incredibly happy to be present and witness their growing joy and love of music. And of course, I helped them get their first set list!


CAAMP has risen to fame in the past couple of years. They are an American folk band from Columbus, Ohio and began as a project between childhood friends, Taylor Meier and Evan Westfall, who met at a summer camp in middle school. Later, they added a bass player, Matt Vinson. Today they craft great songs which bring the house down, and you can’t sneeze at their billboard number one song, “Peach Fuzz”. What an incredible show! At this point in the evening, I was so pushed into the stage by the masses of adoring fans, that I had to take a step back and then get out. Glad I did. Sometimes the sound is better a little further away with a much deserved cocktail in hand and room to dance.

Caamp puts on a power packed show and had no trouble lighting Ships of the Sea on fire!!!

This band is multi-talented. Each moves from instrument to instrument, taking the spotlight and shying from it, sending it to the lead once again. Caamp proved to be a visual tennis match of activity and musical sound volleys. Wow….

Bendigo Fletcher

Their bio…

“Louisville, KY’s Bendigo Fletcher possesses a resolute ruggedness that recalls the Kentucky landscape that inspired it. With singer Ryan Anderson’s songwriting and rangy, howling vocals as bedrock, the band’s creation floats along folk-rock tendencies, seeking to capture the next pop melody or psychedelic bridge within earshot”.


This is a high energy band with a high energy sound. Motherfolk is an indie rock band out of Ohio, exploding with talent. Their latest album, Family Ghost, was released at the end of last year, so their songs are fresh and lively. The band is an intimately sewn combination of emotion, folk, and sing song rock. The happy, feel good tunes require deep examination because they delve into so much more than the bright choruses they belt out. Their newest album is a beaut, but I was seriously schooled by their many fans about their incredible discography. So many wishes and wants of favorite songs were passionately requested. Thank goodness they did more than satisfy the packed house.

Illiterate Light

Ohhhh Lawwwd this duo, Illiterate Light, just exceeded all of my expectations and had the most memorable show of Stopover. Every pound of the drum was thrilling and every strum of the guitar circled back to the lovely melodies they craft. The Virginia based duo is guitarist Jeff Gorman and drummer Jake Cochran. Illiterate Light is a band which has taken the indie-pop world by storm with incredible music, but their live show proved to be a serious heart stopper and a photographer’s dream! Yep, as I write this, tears glisten my eyes remembering their wowing performance. They are so talented and so intense. How are they today? I wonder. I imagine a bit upended and forever changed like all of us. As of Stopover, they were standing on the edge of seriously blowing up and becoming a force for 2020. Please check them out and give them some love. They deserve your support.

A little out of focus, but this next photo expresses the high intensity of their set. I looked around and the packed house was crazily dancing and singing right along with them. When a band can invoke this kind of energy, they have what it takes to steal my heart.

The Districts

We ended our last Stopover evening with The Districts. They are an American rock band originally from Pennsylvania, formed in 2009 when Rob Grote, Mark Larson, Connor Jacobus, and Braden Lawrence were all still in high school. Their latest album, You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere, was out on March 13 via Fat Possum, and their show was peppered with many of their newest tunes. But the crowd went wild when they played their tried and truest from past albums.

On tap for the evening from their discography was “Young Blood”, “Long Distance”, and “4th and Roebling”. I can tell you the late night crowd went loco! So much energy and exhilaration! They played Atlanta either before or after Stopover, but their show at Service Brewing Co. would have a hard time being topped.

I can’t believe the last night at Stopover was three weeks ago. It seems like a lifetime ago. Since I have been complying and social distancing, I am really enjoying live streams of many of the artists I have featured at Immersed in Cool Music through Instagram. I hope you are catching the streams too. What could be better than amazing artists playing in the privacy of your living room?

Well, of course, my answer would be going to a concert where you dance shoulder to shoulder with like minded, heartfelt band followers.

There is really nothing like it in the world.

Savannah Stopover-Friday Night Review in Photos

After an amazing Savannah Stopover, the pandemic particularly hits hard for bands who are just beginning their tour schedules. Please listen and support!

The news is gut wrenching. For the next two weeks, or even the unforeseeable future we will be social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19. After such an amazing weekend of music, this particularly hits hard for those bands who were just beginning their tour schedules. Many have new albums out right now, and money invested in merch and travel. I am so sad to report that almost every band I saw this past weekend at Stopover has had to make the, “We are so sorry but we have suspended our tour until further notice” call. The thoughtful, carefully worded statements have inundated my social’s feed for the past two-three days. It is a real bummer. A bummer for the fans who purchased tickets, the venues, and especially the bands that want to share their creative gifts with others to help spread their listening reach.

I hope you are paying attention and can support these new bands by listening, ordering a download or an album, and maybe even sharing the really good songs with friends. Cause, what better way to pass the time than listening to new music? I really can’t think of any better way.

So check out these amazing bands that I was able to see live. Get them on your radar and support them right now, and also when they get back to touring.

Tall Tall Trees-Perry Lane Hotel Rooftop Lounge


Ohmme is an indie-rock duo out of Chicago, Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart. They recently announced their sophomore album, Fantasize Your Ghost. Known for their adventurous harmonies, jarring musical sounds, vocal switches and changes, they definitely wowed us as powerful performers. Trinity Methodist Church was an incredible space to highlight their vocal and musical abilities.


DeVotchKa are a four piece multi-instrumental vocal group out of Colorado. Their unique sound began back in the late 90’s and after multiple albums and sold out shows, they took a much needed hiatus in 2012. Then in 2018 released, This Night Falls Forever. Their musical style is described as gypsy punk, dark cabaret, indie-folk/rock. The lead singer, Nick Urata is a serious crooner with lyrical intensity and is backed by talented musicians playing a wide variety of instruments (guitars, piano, theremin, trumpet, violin, viola, accordion, sousaphone, acoustic bass, drums, and percussion). Love the lit up sousaphone. They played in the Trinity Methodist Church in Savannah to a standing room only crowd, and it was a wonderful experience.

This picture shows the wild experience of an instrument I have never seen before…. it is a theremin. Nick Urata waved his hand and made music with this incredible instrument. It is one of the earliest electronic instruments. The sound of the theremin has been described as “a purified and magnified saxophone.” He fluttered his fingers and waved his hand near the antennae to raise or lower the theremin’s pitch and volume. It was truly wild and magical. 

Shovels and Rope

It is a no-brainer to see the headliner of the main stage performance on Friday night. The talent of Shovels and Rope, an American folk duo out of Charleston, is undeniable. They have powerhouse vocals and electric performances, leaving the listeners always wanting more. They totally lived up to the expectations and wowed us all.

Honey Cutt

Honey Cutt is Kaley Honeycutt who is from Florida but relocated to Boston to build her music world. There she met Ari Blut who plays bass and Chris Chew on drums. With a new album out now, Coasting via Kanine Records, she is one to watch. I expect her talent to blow up, but with her touring schedule sidelined by the Coronavirus, I am counting on y’all to give her some love.


I had the pleasure of bumping into her at a fast food pizza joint after her show. She and her friends were truly kind. It was fast easy pizza but not the best. Her music deserved so much better for dinner that night. Life on the road. Sadly, her tour schedule is on hiatus for now.

The playlist!



Deeper is a band where I dig their twangy guitars and off beat, shifting sounds. All are enhanced by the lead singer’s emphatic edginess. They are singer and guitarist Nic Gohl, guitarist Mike Clawson, bassist Drew McBride, and drummer Shiraz Bhatti out of Chicago’s DIY scene. Their sound is post-punk/indie rock at its finest. Deeper has a new album, Auto-Pain via Fire Talk , out on March 27th. Please check them out, they are going to need so much support in these uncertain times.

The Nude Party

I learned about The Nude Party a couple of Stopover’s ago. They blew me away with their spirited, fun songs and entertaining performance. I can honestly say I have seen them multiple times since. They all met in Boone NC at Appalachian State University and started playing house parties. Since then, they have really honed their sound and created a lively, fun band that brings back good ol’ 60’s rock and roll while striking their own unique chord. They made a perfect Friday night finale! The people that came out in support refused to leave! So much love.

My posting is a bit slower than normal. The world is changing so dramatically and I am trying to keep up with the important information and repeatedly check in with friends and relatives. I hope you are well and that the new normal has you connecting with those you love and your creative projects.

Stay tuned one more post…..

Savannah Stopover 2020-Opening Night Review in Photos

I saw almost half of the shows at Savannah StopoverX. Sit back and let me reminisce my happy weekend with you!

Exactly one week ago I was dancing….

2020 has been a really weird year. It seems the world is constantly in flux, tragedy, or confusing conflicting situations. That doesn’t even take into account all of the rain, rain , and more rain. I was in desperate need to check out, do something fun for the sake of simple joy. I am so thankful Savannah Stopover comes so early in the year. It literally kicks off new music and provides a nice distraction from politics and pandemics.

This year was my 5th year covering this sleeping giant of a festival. out of the ten years they have put it on. I feel so lucky to be a part of Stopover. It truly is a diamond in the rough, and needs more recognition for the amazing music exploration opportunities it provides.

So you say, I don’t know anyone going. I just have to say, I meet the most incredible people each year. All ages and in all stages of life. Also, I am surrounded by people that love music. What could be nicer than that?

So you say, I don’t like big, crowded festivals. Stopover is for you. Each band plays in a small venue located around the city. The main stage at Ships of the Sea holds the largest crowd, but there is always room in the back or along the side to stay out of the maddening crowd (there is also a VIP lounge area).

So you say, I am not an indie music fan, well Stopover is for you. Over 60 bands perform and fit in many different categories, country, rock, dance music, post punk, folk, blue grass. You name a genre, almost any big genre and there is a band or a few for you.

So you say, I don’t know any of the bands playing. That is the point! It is total music discovery! With a little bit of perseverance and a lot of walking, you can see almost every band and learn who your new favorites happen to be. For me, I end up tracking my favorites throughout the year and always hear their newest music first. Many Stopover newbies have albums/songs that end up in the top music for the year.

So even though this amazing festival has come to a close for 2020, you can make plans for March 2021 and live vicariously through my 2020 photos. I saw almost half the shows. So sit back and let me reminisce my happy weekend with you. Crazy that it was only last week….it feels like a lifetime ago.

Here is my photo montage of the opening night…..

Opening Night Thursday

Savannah Stopover 2020-Opening Night

Stomp, Clomp, and Romp to the great bands at StopoverX.

Tall Tall Trees

If you haven’t experienced this talented musician’s show…you haven’t fully lived. Tall Tall Trees is Mike Savino and his electric banjo comes to life through his magical plucking. He adds loops and effect pedals which enhance the folk, roots, psychedelic sound. Did I mention his banjo lights up and resonates with the music? What an amazing start to Stopover X!

I have to include a cute photo of my favorite Savannah Stopover music loving friends from Myrtle Beach! This guy is always on the front row and knows his music. I am surprised he isn’t wearing his signature dark shades! Lucky me to have him as a loyal blog follower! He even made me hand out cards to everyone around them.

The Bones of J.R. Jones

It was incredibly cold on Thursday night. My hands were frozen because I didn’t have any gloves. The photos reflect my shivering and my cold to the bone feeling. Because the music was so amazing, the dropping temperatures and wind didn’t seem to phase the crowds. We all just huddled up a bit tighter, and moved closer to the music to keep warm.

Meet Karla and her husband Pete. She DM’d JR Jones aka Jonathon Linaberry and said she hoped to hear her favorite song they used in their recent wedding. Low and behold he did and gave them a shout out! What a great guy! They were thrilled!

I rushed over to Service Brewing because I had a quick minute to check out another band. I took in a couple of songs with Savannah locals, Clouds and Satellites. I enjoyed their indie/country rock vibe. They had the perfect sound for a enjoying a nice cold brew and gathering with friends.

Clouds and Satellites

Acid Carousel

Acid Carousel slaps! They are 100% energy and left my head spinning a little. It was almost impossible to capture their on stage photos without a camera I can’t afford. But, I gave it a shot and here are a couple worth sharing. The hazy photos resemble their enigmatic music. Go check them out, if you ever get the chance to see them live. They gathered a bigger crowd with each song, and we were all dancing and singing, never taking our eyes off of their entertaining performance. So much fun! Seeing them play was a happy accident, because I was actually there to see the next band.

Acid Carousel is a molded combination of 60’s psych/pop, maybe some of The Beatles dreamier tunes, and surf rock. Be prepared for lots of guitar, full on drums, and head swinging /banging beats. It was a groovy time travel. I had the pleasure of chatting with them after their show and found them to be approachable, fun loving, and true to their on stage personas. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least. Here’s hoping they venture back to Georgia sometime soon!

Neighbor Lady

Atlanta’s own, Neighbor Lady was up next. They always put on a great show. Their sound is indie-rock with a hint of country. The lead vocalist, Emily Braden, has a power packed voice and the rest of the band stands strong in support.

And just so you know, this is Jordan Reynolds (who fronts Rose Hotel), but she was off to the side and sort of hidden from the adoring crowd.

I love this short clip of the band, because it gives you a hint of their talent.

The Cowboys

I slipped into The Jinx to listen to a few of The Cowboys’ tunes on my way to the next gig. They had a retro indie sound which captured the many fans. I was surprised they weren’t a country band. I looked them up and found they are out of Indiana, and have quite a lot of depth of music. Check them out.

Elf Power

Elf Power has a vast history of musical influence. They began in 1994 in Athens, GA. They have collaborated and had contributions from Neutral Milk Hotel, Kevin Barnes with Of Montreal, and supported acts like R.E.M. Their indie rock sound is totally relevant today and they have a large discography of well written nostalgic tunes. This timeless band is a classic.

Here’s just a hint of the Athens band….


Hallelujah! I was finally able to experience Omni live. I have been following their music for a while now and love their post punk sound. I have sooo many songs on repeat on my personal Spotify playlist and I have shared them here on the blog. They continue to get better and better. Their show was a solid one as well. I love when a band isn’t over produced in a studio, so the “live” version is a great one. Omni definitely met all of my expectations. The fans were rocking out too, squeezing in every nook and cranny of The Jinx.

I hope you are safe, that you have provisions for social distancing, and that you can simply enjoy the beauty of gifted musical creatives. I have a couple of other posts on Stopover. Stay tuned and follow me to bring a little joy into your life.

Saturday Music Choices-Savannah Stopover X

Savannah Stopover Saturday picks. Wish you were here, the weather is beautiful, bring on spring and new music.

I have decided, that whatever show you take in during Savannah Stopover, you won’t be disappointed. I have stumbled upon some amazing music here, that wasn’t really on my radar. So get to what you can today/tonight. For those of you who aren’t in Savannah this weekend, check out my picks for my scheduled listening. Wish you were here, the weather is beautiful, bring on spring and new music.

Whiskey Wolves

Whiskey Wolves of the West is a good old fashioned Southern rock band. Who doesn’t love to start a Saturday afternoon with a little foot stomping and guitar riffing, rock and roll joy? Whiskey Wolves is longtime Nashville guitar ace, Leroy Powell and celebrity singer/songwriter, Tim Jones. They describe their sound as “Dangerously fun Americana“. Yep…I think I’ll start my Saturday with them.

Cicada Rhythm

“Born and raised in Georgia, this talented pair imitates and modernizes folk music to a rejuvenating degree. The sound of Andrea DeMarcus and Dave Kirslis exhibits skilled and articulate guitar picking honed in the dive bars of Atlanta over rolling Julliard-trained bass lines. Expect chilling harmonies, unbridled enthusiasm, some wholesome tunes and a sincere performance.”

So imagine their sound at Trinity Methodist Church….a not to be missed experience.

Durand Jones and The Indications

Durand Jones and The Indications is a deep soul, revival band out of Indiana. You know a band has panache when you find out the lead singer’s life was forever changed when his grandmother gave him an alto saxophone. Prepare to swoon over Jones’ ability to craft the 70’s R&B throwback sound, and revive your inner swag. Sooooo smooth….


CAAMP has risen to fame in the past couple of years. They are an American folk band from Columbus, Ohio. They began as a project between childhood friends, Taylor Meier and Evan Westfall, who met at a summer camp in middle school. Later they added bass player, Matt Vinson. Today they craft great songs which bring the house down, and you can’t sneeze at their billboard number one song, “Peach Fuzz”. On a beautiful night in Savannah, this is a must see!


I also have to give a shout out to McLeod, a Savannah local, who released a psych-rock album last year and plays opposite CAAMP at Service Brewing . I really dig his music and have heard him play Stopover before. On The Waves Of The Setting Sun has an incredible sound, so be sure to check it out. If you catch his show, (fingers crossed) you might even hear some new songs from his up and coming second album. If not, be sure to stay tuned.

And The Kids

And The Kids’ Bandcamp page describes their music as chunky indie rock meets blissful new wave. They are based out of Massachusetts, and they embrace that which can’t be tamed lending their music to songs which are a defiant and a bit dark. But surprisingly the lead singer has incredible vocals which seem to lift up the opposite with belting out joyous notes, thus giving their music a chilling uniqueness. I look forward to catching them, knowing it will be incredible.


After you see the video below, you will know this is a high energy band with a high energy sound. Why miss this? Motherfolk is an Ohio based indie rock band exploding with talent. They released an album at the end of last year, so their songs are fresh and lively. See you there!

Now, the night gets more difficult. The last couple of shows are going to be a very difficult choice for me. The next bands I want to hear are playing at exactly the same time. I have blogged about each and truly hate that they are playing so far apart, because I want to be at both. So you may find me darting across back alley ways rushing past the Saturday night revelers to make it in time to catch a bit of both shows.

The Districts

The Districts are an American rock band originally from Pennsylvania, formed in 2009 when Rob Grote, Mark Larson, Connor Jacobus, and Braden Lawrence were all still in high school. With their new album, You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere, out on March 13 via Fat Possum, their show is bound to be filtered with some of their newest tunes. According to band leader Rob Grote the new album is …

“about a dream for love to last forever and a yearning to postpone death. It is about wanting to escape everyday life while also craving time with one who’s present. It’s a plea to remain the same in the face of constant change, and the certainty of going nowhere fast.”

This is exactly how I am feeling, and I look forward to listening. Their rootsy rock turned to jagged vibe will progress to a progressive maturity and will likely have a new take on everything they have built thus far. Their crunchy rock song, “Cheap Regrets”, Is on repeat for me.

Illiterate Light

Illiterate Light is a duo that sounds like a full band. They are Jeff Gorman on guitar, vocals, bass and Jake Cochran on drum, vocals. Their show will prove to be something because they will have to pull off that amazing sound in front of a live audience, which can’t be an easy feat. I will be digging it and see how they pull it off. I have written about them many times, because they truly master their instruments, and draw in the indie pop world at the same time. The songs are grounded in power drum beats that solo beautifully and an electric guitar which sings in surround. The combination is perfection. But add the catchy sing along choruses and you have the hook that draws in the masses. See my past posts on them by clicking HERE and if you want to dig in more, HERE.

When the last note is strummed and the amps are eventually unplugged, I am going to be filled with bittersweet joy. This music festival experience is a profound one, which just gets better and better. For TEN years the founders who curate the wide range of musical variety are truly experts at their craft. I have been introduced to some incredible acts over the past five years that I have been involved. Chatting with bands casually, is one of the added bonuses of this festival and they all agree…”This festival feels like the early days at SXSW”. Nostalgia love.

Savannah Stopover X! I am already making my plans for 2021…..

Savannah Stopover Fab Friday Band Picks-Deerhunter and 9+… #HappyStopover

Here are my Friday night music picks for Savannah Stopover, plan accordingly or simply listen.

Untitled design (5).png


Here are my Friday night music picks for Savannah Stopover, plan accordingly or simply listen.

Esther Rose


photo cred Akasha Rabut

I am not normally a country music fan, but Esther Rose has a way of presenting simple, old timey country songs, with quality. She is a songwriter that captures feelings and emotion. Easy listening at it’s best.

Esther Rose- Don’t Blame It On The Moon


William Tyler


I am pretty sure that the phenomenal guitarist, William Tyler, will bring a spiritual sense of heaven as he plucks his treasured guitar in Savannah. I am not sure I have anything to compare it to, so I will be happy just to experience it. This Stopover discovery is a keeper for my future playlists and for those moments in my life when I simply need sonic escape to a brighter more beautiful place.

William Tyler- Fail Safe


Faye Webster


A serious crooner, Fay Webster has a lush, silky sound meant for listening and maybe secretly shedding a tear or two. She sings sweetly, immersed in an alt-country pop surround. Her latest, “Kingston”, has her stretching into newer territory with growing confidence. One to watch, for sure.

Faye Webster- Kingston



With a prolific catalogue of music, Deerhunter recently released another album, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? The songs are filled with thoughtful prose and curious observations washed in warm and catchy rock and roll. It fills my heart to listen to the edgy growth of a band firing at all cylinders and reflecting what the world gives them. To catch Deerhunter on stage after creating this incredible album, proves to be the coveted ticket of the weekend.

Deerhunter- Death In Midsummer

Well Wisher

Photo by Okie Dokie Studio

I will be happy to sink into the jangly rock set of Well Wisher.  The joy of Stopover is to dash from one genre to the next. Experiencing their catchy pop rock hooks will be a Friday night joy! Guitar driven and inspired by self reflection, they seem to be riding a nice wave of appreciation for their debut album, This Is Fine. Their songs strike a healthy balance of toe tapping pop and a punk/alt narrative.

Well Wisher- I Know Better

Super Doppler


A rock band must see from Norfolk VA is Super Doppler, formerly known as Major and The Monbacks. Their songs seem to have broad appeal and hint at many influences of earlier rock and rollers. They will surely pop the roof off, so be sure to have your dancing shoes on.  You’re gonna want to move to their swaying beats.

Super Doppler- I Can Breathe



I don’t know much about the band, Empath, but this song is cool and the video is oh so trippy. “Satisfying and terrifying” is the lyric as they are up to their necks in baby dolls and grungy guitar echo. Noise experimenting and a bit of focused chaos may be their inspiration, and that is cool for me.

Empath- Soft Shape

Sun Seeker



When you’ve been playing with a group over a span of time, beginning in middle school, you are bound to grow and morph into something quite adept. Lots of music under their belt and a fairly recent signing with Third Man Records has this band broadening their loyal following in Nashville. Southern Pop rock with an alt-country leaning, Sun Seeker has a feel good sound that will surely add you to their ever expanding fan base. Listen.

Sun Seeker- Good Year

Little Bird


Little Bird has a vibe which isn’t describable, it is just a feeling. Their music evokes this reaction which is palpable and infectious. Plan to experience the kind of moment where you want to put on your darkest shades and sway to your heart’s glory, despite the fact it will be midnight! Jam away.

Little Bird- Honey Leak

Pinc Louds


Honestly, I love that every time I type this band’s name, I get the wonky red dotted line underneath suggesting I have made a typing error. Something about that confirms the creative energy this band has and I expect it to power up at their 12:30 am set. Savannah Stopover once again helps me find a band that makes me weak in the knees for their unique and beautiful sound. This is golden and I will not miss it, no matter how much my dogs are barking (tired feet… for y’all that don’t get it). Seriously, their music has been on repeat since I downloaded the Stopover playlist (see below to follow).

Pinc Louds- Soul In My Body


Come join the fun!

Tickets still available HERE

More info on Savannah Stopover HERE

Savannah Stopover Playlist




High Water Festival 2018 Day Two-Photo Gallery and Recap

It has been a week, but I am still riding the high I experienced covering eleven bands at High Water Festival

Check out day two photos…

A week ago I was preparing to travel to Charleston in high anticipation of a wonderful weekend of stellar music, impressive food, camaraderie, and beautiful views. A week later, and I am still riding the high of the weekend

The weekend may be over, but the memories will last a life time. A gigantic thank you to High Water for putting together such an amazing weekend and also for including immersed in cool music as a part of the media team. It was a real bona fide privilege. I am so very humbled and thankful.

Sunday began earlier than Saturday because they added another band, performing at 12:30. I was thrilled because it was The High Divers. As I have said before, they put on a great show and with a new album, I looked forward to seeing them again. They clearly set the joyous vibe for the day!

The High Divers

DSC_0027 3



DSC_0042 2





T. Hardy Morris

The mullet is back y’all! T. Hardy Morris brought his uber cool to the stage and rocked us out.

DSC_0076 2


Is it a good luck charm? It caught my eye…






I think she was pretty stoked to score a front row position…



Spotted in the crowd, the cutest embroidered jeans…she was totally en trend.


Valerie June

I was thrilled to have a chance to see Valerie June. She just exudes cool, creativity, and wisdom. Her music is different and worthy of your ears. Perhaps her sound is best described as an intersect between Appalachian, roots, country/folk. She sings of love, perseverance, life, and healing. Her show is a sight of colors, sounds, and hypnotic music.





DSC_0136 2

DSC_0140 2

DSC_0192 2

Wandering around, I stumbled upon some fun shots.

The convenient rearranged backpack beer holder…


He was taking advantage of some space to toss a frisbee…it wasn’t long before the green grass was covered in blankets and people.


Peeked in on the oyster education gathering.


Looks like I was a bit on the late side, darn!


Creative food line waiting. Fun can be had anywhere, especially when you have a strong daddy.


Joshua Hedley

Okay, I’ll admit that I am not a huge country fan. I most certainly listen and appreciate the genre. But…I was so in awe of Joshua Hedley‘s cool suit, I kinda blanked out. He plays old school country which you don’t hear as much anymore. There’s talent galore, but to me the fashion sense of this band made me the happiest.

DSC_0218 2




DSC_0236 2

Yep, even the keyboard player had a belt sweet enough to envy a bit.



Tank and the Bangas

This band was the secret surprise of the day! They brought it, and the festival goers reveled in the glory of them! Dancing…singing…performing with a capital P, they laid it out. A photographer’s dream, I came home with some amazing shots, but the memory of this fierce band is planted firmly in my heart. It is not for everyone to cover Nirvana, but they did it and did it well!


DSC_0416 2