Savannah Stopover 2018 Day Three-Review & Concert Photos (15 emerging bands-multiple genres)

Here is my last day of Savannah Stopover 2018 in pictures and words. Saturday was the most packed day of music listening and experiencing. I was running non-stop to squeeze it all in so you can see for yourself that this is one great time! If you can’t get enough, like me….you can jump back to day 1 and day 2 by clicking opening night and Friday .

Honestly, the last day of music began after midnight on Friday…When I was leaving Club One after the Kemba show, I stumbled upon these fun gals. When I first saw them (Krystal, Daniel, Bronte, and Ann) standing around chatting, I thought they looked so beautifully natural, relaxed, and truly enjoying the night. So many people having a blast at Stopover. Had to stop and capture the moment.


15 Bands

Now fast forward through a cozy night’s sleep and on to psych rock at its best. Filled with beautiful guitar riffs, repeated rounds of sound, and hazy vocals, they all interplay in the music of David Barbe. Musicians take note…watching Barbe and the others (New Madrid) live, it is fun to witness the guitar finger work and tricky chord changes of multiple guitars while also staying focused on the driving beat of the drums. Prepare to be wooed if you catch them live.

David Barbe & The Inward Dream Ebb






David Barbe said a thank you to the future generations of music listeners. There were quite a few checking it out! This music festival has moments and certain venues which invite all ages. Something for everyone.


I also love the passers-by that have to stop and listen. El Rocko Lounge has a nice habit of sharing the bands with everyone who happen to travel their way. It is hard to resist stepping in.


Sometimes, you just stop moving and listen. I was on my way back to the hotel for a minute, and had to listen. When I passed The Congress Social Club, a relaxed outdoor venue, The Pauses made me decide to settle in and experience the music. Electronic indie that begins in a subtle and soft way, and then the vibe builds and expands to an outlying of sounds. Out of Orlando, The Pauses said that there is new music coming in June. Can’t wait!

The Pauses








For my next band, all I can say is, what a crazy fun jam! The Nude Party brings it and you can’t help but feel a part of their scene and their enthusiasm.  They encompass a 60’s garage rock vibe that is unique and totally groovy. They have the ability to make it fresh and now.


The Nude Party



DSC_0102 2




DSC_0147 2





As I was rushing to the next venue, I was blessed with this lovely view of the setting day.


I am not usually a folksy, Americana type of gal, but Sam Lewis has a real gift and natural talent. He masters story telling in song (what a voice), and is able to connect his music to what is taking place in the world, charging everyone listening to be more compassionate and change-making.  Somehow I left his set feeling connected to him as an artist and to everyone there who witnessed it as well. Well done!

Sam Lewis

DSC_0241 3









These may not be fancy sparkly shiny boots (like the others I have featured), but they seem to be well-worn and comfy. Sam Lewis seems like the kind of guy you might wanna hang out on your porch with. He tells really funny stories, but cleverly twists them to be meaningful and express an important point.  When his time was up, noone wanted him to leave. He has a new song out, “The Only One” and you should listen. Hoping there will be more soon, stay tuned. He is powerful stuff in rough, well worn boots with history. Respect.


What an incredibly happy accident! I was so worried about missing of Montreal that I rushed to the stage at Ships of the Sea. There I discovered a packed house, and screaming excited listeners for Gus Dapperton! Wha Wha? Off of my radar all together, but obviously he has made a serious impression on music lovers with a DIY self made approach to indie pop. I also learned he had a sold out show in Atlanta after Stopover. Gus Dapperton is someone to pay attention to, for sure!

Gus Dapperton












Lots of happy fans!


This says it all! And who doesn’t love a crowd surf?? Check out my quick video…

The guy in charge of merch for Gus…. wildly dressed to impress!



I could not wait for the next band, with their jazzy, indie sound for dreaming. Crumb has the music which expresses all of the feels of love and life. Such a pleasure to experience their live show! Who doesn’t love a band that pushes the envelope and stretches sound to a jazzy psych rock chill?









My fave photo… the light in this and the joy of the music of Crumb makes me so happy!


But it was even more fun knowing he was wearing these comfy PJ pants!


So after settling into the chill vibe of Crumb, I found myself running to catch of Montreal. 

Known for their outlandish costumes and set props, I knew of Montreal was a show that shouldn’t be missed. But also given their most recent album was just released, I knew I was in for a wild ride.

of Montreal

The fans showed up and dressed the part! This is Rachel and Kassie. My notes were running harem scarem at this point, so I am hoping the names are right for these two fun, enthusiastic fans! They got the memo that dressing up for of Montreal is a necessity.  Their show never disappoints. Beginning with their stellar experimental music, they add important theatrical performances from oversized animals, angelic winged guests on stage, and crazy illuminated rainbow wiggly snakes streaming ithrought the audience so everyone can participate. Of Montreal are the party starters…for sure!







DSC_0450 2






I shared their new music before Stopover, and I couldn’t wait to see Ratboys live. They didn’t disappoint either. They have a twang that can almost lean into an Americana/Alt-Country sound, but then the guitar riffs and the drums pound and I realize they veer from genre to genre, which is a pleasant surprise and a talent packed gift.








Several friends at Stopover told me how they came to see Acid Dad. They expressed their love of the band’s pure fist pumping rock sound. Happy to listen, I was pleasantly surprised at how their live show was a rousing compliment to simply listening online. Whoa!

Acid Dad












Charismatic and talented, Vundabar made an impression on all who saw them perform. New music late last year, they are fresh and exciting. A must listen.









I just can’t resist posting , they were just so good live! Only a snippet, go see them for yourself!



I’ll admit at this point I was having some technical issues with my camera, but I have to post pics. Some are a bit hazy, but I hope they capture the essence of the enjoyment of the incredible talent at Stopover! I am obsessed with Cape Francis, and totally wishing my photos were better. Ball caps always make a face hard to capture. Honestly, just listen to the music, y’all.

Cape Francis





DSC_0765 3.jpg


Running in at the last minute, I realized this band, The War and Treaty had the crowd on their feet, dancing, singing and chanting along. They have gospel leanings with their powerful voices, but add a full band behind them and their blues and R&B sound is also evident. I caught their last song, but I quickly recognized they were a force of music that was incredibly powerful, inclusive, and joyous! Seriously wishing I had seen more, but then, they really left everyone there longing for more.

The War and Treaty



I was thrilled to experience Wild Child in the beautiful acoustics of Trinity Church. Their acoustic leanings and rising vocals to infectious melodies would be perfect for this unusual venue. The packed audience was in rousing support of the band and shouted out to them frequently. Love the new album, as well as totally appreciate the vocal and musical talent of these two with the back up of their talented band. With Expectations to listen to on repeat, I will continue to be a giant fan.

Wild Child


DSC_0850 2









Pronoun has such a soothing emotional sound, raw and relatable.  In person, she accentuates that emotive pulse. Sometimes backed by a driving beat, the gritty whisper of her vocals stands strong, unhesitating.




I really had no idea the treat I would savor when I decided to check out Pylon Reenactment Society. I scarcely remember the famous Pylon from way back in the early 80’s, but when I listened to their set, the music came back to me and I was transferred to a moment in my youth where we sought out music to be radically rebellious. Their sound puts a major exclamation on life, loaded with dance beats, crazy bellows and howls. So when you see a fraction of the band, decades later, expectations can be ho hum. I was pleasantly surprised how they captured the original music. If you aren’t familiar, you have to listen to “Beep”, a guitar frantic piece with pounding beat and interjecting vocals….bet you will move! They nailed it, and invited everyone on stage to dance. So fun!

Pylon Reenactment Society




I couldn’t resist capturing these boots! In keeping with the time and Pylon, Bravo!


One of the highlights of the evening was when the lead singer invited the audience to hop on stage to dance and sing along. I made a note that many of the bands I had seen earlier in the day were up there dancing and paying homage to Pylon. It was something to behold. You just can’t ignore those musical influences of years ago.


Stopover did it again. They brought amazing bands to Savannah and had something for everyone. I saw 36 amazing bands in three days, but there were many more that I couldn’t possibly get to…including surprise secret shows. It was probably a different experience for each and every Stopover attendee. Set aside your March next year and really….DON’T MISS IT!

Even though it was over a week ago, I am sad to say goodbye to Savannah Stopover. It will remain one of the highlights of being a music blogger. Catch you next year!



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