Savannah Stopover Fab Friday Band Picks-Deerhunter and 9+… #HappyStopover

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Here are my Friday night music picks for Savannah Stopover, plan accordingly or simply listen.

Esther Rose


photo cred Akasha Rabut

I am not normally a country music fan, but Esther Rose has a way of presenting simple, old timey country songs, with quality. She is a songwriter that captures feelings and emotion. Easy listening at it’s best.

Esther Rose- Don’t Blame It On The Moon


William Tyler


I am pretty sure that the phenomenal guitarist, William Tyler, will bring a spiritual sense of heaven as he plucks his treasured guitar in Savannah. I am not sure I have anything to compare it to, so I will be happy just to experience it. This Stopover discovery is a keeper for my future playlists and for those moments in my life when I simply need sonic escape to a brighter more beautiful place.

William Tyler- Fail Safe


Faye Webster


A serious crooner, Fay Webster has a lush, silky sound meant for listening and maybe secretly shedding a tear or two. She sings sweetly, immersed in an alt-country pop surround. Her latest, “Kingston”, has her stretching into newer territory with growing confidence. One to watch, for sure.

Faye Webster- Kingston



With a prolific catalogue of music, Deerhunter recently released another album, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? The songs are filled with thoughtful prose and curious observations washed in warm and catchy rock and roll. It fills my heart to listen to the edgy growth of a band firing at all cylinders and reflecting what the world gives them. To catch Deerhunter on stage after creating this incredible album, proves to be the coveted ticket of the weekend.

Deerhunter- Death In Midsummer

Well Wisher

Photo by Okie Dokie Studio

I will be happy to sink into the jangly rock set of Well Wisher.  The joy of Stopover is to dash from one genre to the next. Experiencing their catchy pop rock hooks will be a Friday night joy! Guitar driven and inspired by self reflection, they seem to be riding a nice wave of appreciation for their debut album, This Is Fine. Their songs strike a healthy balance of toe tapping pop and a punk/alt narrative.

Well Wisher- I Know Better

Super Doppler


A rock band must see from Norfolk VA is Super Doppler, formerly known as Major and The Monbacks. Their songs seem to have broad appeal and hint at many influences of earlier rock and rollers. They will surely pop the roof off, so be sure to have your dancing shoes on.  You’re gonna want to move to their swaying beats.

Super Doppler- I Can Breathe



I don’t know much about the band, Empath, but this song is cool and the video is oh so trippy. “Satisfying and terrifying” is the lyric as they are up to their necks in baby dolls and grungy guitar echo. Noise experimenting and a bit of focused chaos may be their inspiration, and that is cool for me.

Empath- Soft Shape

Sun Seeker



When you’ve been playing with a group over a span of time, beginning in middle school, you are bound to grow and morph into something quite adept. Lots of music under their belt and a fairly recent signing with Third Man Records has this band broadening their loyal following in Nashville. Southern Pop rock with an alt-country leaning, Sun Seeker has a feel good sound that will surely add you to their ever expanding fan base. Listen.

Sun Seeker- Good Year

Little Bird


Little Bird has a vibe which isn’t describable, it is just a feeling. Their music evokes this reaction which is palpable and infectious. Plan to experience the kind of moment where you want to put on your darkest shades and sway to your heart’s glory, despite the fact it will be midnight! Jam away.

Little Bird- Honey Leak

Pinc Louds


Honestly, I love that every time I type this band’s name, I get the wonky red dotted line underneath suggesting I have made a typing error. Something about that confirms the creative energy this band has and I expect it to power up at their 12:30 am set. Savannah Stopover once again helps me find a band that makes me weak in the knees for their unique and beautiful sound. This is golden and I will not miss it, no matter how much my dogs are barking (tired feet… for y’all that don’t get it). Seriously, their music has been on repeat since I downloaded the Stopover playlist (see below to follow).

Pinc Louds- Soul In My Body


Come join the fun!

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