Saturday Music Choices-Savannah Stopover X

I have decided, that whatever show you take in during Savannah Stopover, you won’t be disappointed. I have stumbled upon some amazing music here, that wasn’t really on my radar. So get to what you can today/tonight. For those of you who aren’t in Savannah this weekend, check out my picks for my scheduled listening. Wish you were here, the weather is beautiful, bring on spring and new music.

Whiskey Wolves

Whiskey Wolves of the West is a good old fashioned Southern rock band. Who doesn’t love to start a Saturday afternoon with a little foot stomping and guitar riffing, rock and roll joy? Whiskey Wolves is longtime Nashville guitar ace, Leroy Powell and celebrity singer/songwriter, Tim Jones. They describe their sound as “Dangerously fun Americana“. Yep…I think I’ll start my Saturday with them.

Cicada Rhythm

“Born and raised in Georgia, this talented pair imitates and modernizes folk music to a rejuvenating degree. The sound of Andrea DeMarcus and Dave Kirslis exhibits skilled and articulate guitar picking honed in the dive bars of Atlanta over rolling Julliard-trained bass lines. Expect chilling harmonies, unbridled enthusiasm, some wholesome tunes and a sincere performance.”

So imagine their sound at Trinity Methodist Church….a not to be missed experience.

Durand Jones and The Indications

Durand Jones and The Indications is a deep soul, revival band out of Indiana. You know a band has panache when you find out the lead singer’s life was forever changed when his grandmother gave him an alto saxophone. Prepare to swoon over Jones’ ability to craft the 70’s R&B throwback sound, and revive your inner swag. Sooooo smooth….


CAAMP has risen to fame in the past couple of years. They are an American folk band from Columbus, Ohio. They began as a project between childhood friends, Taylor Meier and Evan Westfall, who met at a summer camp in middle school. Later they added bass player, Matt Vinson. Today they craft great songs which bring the house down, and you can’t sneeze at their billboard number one song, “Peach Fuzz”. On a beautiful night in Savannah, this is a must see!


I also have to give a shout out to McLeod, a Savannah local, who released a psych-rock album last year and plays opposite CAAMP at Service Brewing . I really dig his music and have heard him play Stopover before. On The Waves Of The Setting Sun has an incredible sound, so be sure to check it out. If you catch his show, (fingers crossed) you might even hear some new songs from his up and coming second album. If not, be sure to stay tuned.

And The Kids

And The Kids’ Bandcamp page describes their music as chunky indie rock meets blissful new wave. They are based out of Massachusetts, and they embrace that which can’t be tamed lending their music to songs which are a defiant and a bit dark. But surprisingly the lead singer has incredible vocals which seem to lift up the opposite with belting out joyous notes, thus giving their music a chilling uniqueness. I look forward to catching them, knowing it will be incredible.


After you see the video below, you will know this is a high energy band with a high energy sound. Why miss this? Motherfolk is an Ohio based indie rock band exploding with talent. They released an album at the end of last year, so their songs are fresh and lively. See you there!

Now, the night gets more difficult. The last couple of shows are going to be a very difficult choice for me. The next bands I want to hear are playing at exactly the same time. I have blogged about each and truly hate that they are playing so far apart, because I want to be at both. So you may find me darting across back alley ways rushing past the Saturday night revelers to make it in time to catch a bit of both shows.

The Districts

The Districts are an American rock band originally from Pennsylvania, formed in 2009 when Rob Grote, Mark Larson, Connor Jacobus, and Braden Lawrence were all still in high school. With their new album, You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere, out on March 13 via Fat Possum, their show is bound to be filtered with some of their newest tunes. According to band leader Rob Grote the new album is …

“about a dream for love to last forever and a yearning to postpone death. It is about wanting to escape everyday life while also craving time with one who’s present. It’s a plea to remain the same in the face of constant change, and the certainty of going nowhere fast.”

This is exactly how I am feeling, and I look forward to listening. Their rootsy rock turned to jagged vibe will progress to a progressive maturity and will likely have a new take on everything they have built thus far. Their crunchy rock song, “Cheap Regrets”, Is on repeat for me.

Illiterate Light

Illiterate Light is a duo that sounds like a full band. They are Jeff Gorman on guitar, vocals, bass and Jake Cochran on drum, vocals. Their show will prove to be something because they will have to pull off that amazing sound in front of a live audience, which can’t be an easy feat. I will be digging it and see how they pull it off. I have written about them many times, because they truly master their instruments, and draw in the indie pop world at the same time. The songs are grounded in power drum beats that solo beautifully and an electric guitar which sings in surround. The combination is perfection. But add the catchy sing along choruses and you have the hook that draws in the masses. See my past posts on them by clicking HERE and if you want to dig in more, HERE.

When the last note is strummed and the amps are eventually unplugged, I am going to be filled with bittersweet joy. This music festival experience is a profound one, which just gets better and better. For TEN years the founders who curate the wide range of musical variety are truly experts at their craft. I have been introduced to some incredible acts over the past five years that I have been involved. Chatting with bands casually, is one of the added bonuses of this festival and they all agree…”This festival feels like the early days at SXSW”. Nostalgia love.

Savannah Stopover X! I am already making my plans for 2021…..

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