Flooding Your Ears With The Music of High Water 2018-Get to know the Sunday bands

There is so much to love about High Water Festival this year. Just when you think they can’t possibly top the line up from last year’s inaugural festival, I began digging into all of the bands and now appreciate the impressive variety of talent. Check them out! Full Spotify playlist added as well….

The High Divers (just added)


I first met The High Divers through a mutual Charleston music friend. They are one of the hardest working bands in the business, and come play in Atlanta on occasion. We try to catch them when we can. Luke Mitchell’s golden voice and the band’s obvious synergy make them a true crowd pleaser. Get to know their latest album release, Chicora, because it was brought to life from hard work, love, and serious dedication. Healing through a serious tour car crash, I for one am thankful they want to hit the stage again. Nothing stops this band from what they love! Get there early!

The High Divers-Making Me Want You

T. Hardy Morris

T. Hardy Morris by Alec Stanley Main.jpg

I have written before about this storied guitarist and member of Dead Confederates, T. Hardy Morris. He is a Georgia native and I learned about him from the release of his first solo album back in 2013. I loved the idea that he collaborated with Georgia historic sites and made a series of very cool videos performing his songs at those sites. I recall he wanted to help raise awareness for the many neglected sites and because it was simply a creative move, which proves to be a part of his fabric. T Hardy Morris somehow seeks the intersection of country, garage rock and grunge and makes it happen. So as of today, he announced a new record and released new music…here you go!

T. Hardy Morris-Be

Valerie June


Valerie June is a singer/songwriter that I had to dive into and learn about for this post. Her voice is strikingly poignant, but her creativity of melding multiple genres makes her quite unique. There is a bit of Americana, Appalachian, folk, blues, and soul in her songs. A Memphis native, she has a knack for taking classic sounds from the past and weaving something new and important from them. I am truly curious and can’t wait to experience her live.

Valerie June-Two Hearts

Joshua Hedley


Joshua Hedley has been performing in Nashville for quite awhile and has made a name for himself. Old style country music is his genre and he plays it well. So it is fitting that his song would be, “Mr Jukebox,” because he has essentially played all the songs people wanted to hear. Now with his debut album, he has his own music to share.

Joshua Hedley-Mr Jukebox

Tank and The Bangas

Have you heard the buzz about Tank and The Bangas? If not, they won the NPR tiny desk contest. NPR selects the best, most creative, and freshest sound out of thousands (it might be more) of entries. This band was last year’s recipient. I have covered many other bands that were wildly qualified but didn’t make the cut. So, I am totally intrigued to see this amazing group live and see what fascinated the NPR team. I have listened and I totally get it, but based on their creative videos and live performances, I am chomping at the bit to see and experience in person and find what the hype is all about.


Tank and The Bangas-Oh Heart

M. Ward


M. Ward‘s music was a joy to dig into….If you follow me and the music I share, then you know that lyrics make me swoon. Then, if the music compliments and enhances the words, I am forever a fan. Well, M. Ward has a knack for this perfect balance. New to me, but clearly successful with albums dating back to 1999, M. Ward will be one I will have my eyes and ears on. Here’s a really good one and one of his newest.

M Ward-Girl From Conejo Valley

Shakey Graves


Okay, full disclosure…Shakey Graves had almost everything to do with the beginning of my music blogging life. I was totally obsessed by his very first videos he filmed in a sewer drain somewhere in Texas. He was accompanied by his all in one suitcase percussion instrument and he belted out his voice with thoughtful story-like lyrics. I am a long time fan and have enjoyed watching his building trajectory of fame. With a new song and a new sound, I am a captured audience and anticipate his performance. Just so you know….almost every gig he has in this year is SOLD OUT. You just can’t miss this. Here is his new sound (album out in May)…but be sure to seek out his roots music too.

Shakey Graves-Mansion Door

Hamilton Leithhauser


Former band member and lead singer from The Walkmen, Hamilton Leithhauser recorded seven studio albums and created quite a name for himself. He began a solo project in 2014, but in 2016 collaborated with Vampire Weekend’s Rostam. Their album was given widespread critical acclaim.  Recently collaborating with Angel Olsen, he has stretched the bar and creates music that defies description. He can reflect a bit of old school, and then combine it beautifully with a modern twist that makes it feel fresh and new. Each of his songs is highly entertaing and sway worthy.

Hamilton Leithhauser-In A Blackout

Shovels and Rope


We can thank Shovels and Rope for creating and powering up High Water Festival. They brought all of their favorite music friends together in North Charleston and we all get to benefit. Year two of High Water Festival is a continued succes, and with new music from Shovels and Rope late in 2017, I feel as if there might be more on the horizon for this crazy talented duo as well. Hometown favorites and a sassy bit of Americana honky tonk, what is not to love? Come see them and thank them for this awesome Festival!

Shovels and Rope-Great America



Susto is an all around great band that everyone seems to connect with and know they will have a jam good time. Alternative in genre and Charleston natives, they have made quite a name for themselves from touring non-stop, powerful song writing, and popping performances. Their songs are anthemic and sing-a-long worthy. If you don’t already know them, you will be dancing and singing by their second song. They are a band where you just can’t hold back because their sound is simply infectious.

Susto-Jah Werx

Band Of Horses


Band of Horses is an iconic band that carefully curated their sound and made folk-like indie rock to perfection. With beautiful music streching back to 2005 and hits as recently as 2016, they have achieved a solid place in alternative/indie rock music’s history. It seems there is nothing stopping their creative spirit. There is a serious hint of new music because they have been recording in Charleston with the incredibly talented Wolfgang Zimmerman. No official word yet, but I would expect news very soon. Their catalogue of songs they will share on Sunday will be vast and the perfect way to end an incredible festival, new songs or not….

Band of Horses-Casual Party

Both Saturday and Sunday’s music.Enjoy!

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