Young Jesus-Milo


I am not sure why this song has me so moved.

The darkness is palpable but beautifully surrounded by a voice that emphasizes the haunting, lovely quality of sound. Put on your headphones and listen to this amazing voice and let the lyrics soak into you. I am not sure how the lyrics fit in my life today, but the depth of the sound and the simple guitar strum has me wanting to share it. At 1:19 it opens up and swirls around your ears in perfect instrumental power. “Milo”….Moving music, right here.

Decide on your own.



he sees your daughter in a sundress
eating oranges alone
he feels the love of a father
a love his brother ignored
but he is fumbling with a bottle
cause it makes sense just to hold
but don’t you worry while he’s using
it just helps everything slow

the robotics of a system
built of neurons and bile
regurgitate a type of matter
a sort of natural dye
he paints his face and feels a brightness
glowing brighter inside
the cave he built out of the thorax
of the organist’s hide

milo’s chewing on a plant
that he bought ages ago
it tastes something like aloe vera
but it closes his throat
and when he’s done becomes a prophet
sings the world as its shown
but he is not the first to sing
the overwhelming unknown

all the birds singing
all the plants growing
all the wind blowing
all the bugs crawling
all the birds breaking
all the plants dying
all the wind crawling
and the blood flowing
and the waves breaking
with the birds singing
and the plants speaking
to the wind dying

Young Jesus is John Rossiter (Guitar/Vox), Shawn Nystrand (Bass), Garrison Benson (Lead Guitar), Peter Martin (Drums), and Eric Shevrin (Keys/Vox). They are an indie-rock band out of Chicago, but now live in LA.


I am intrigued with their unique sound and confounding, curious lyrics. I have listened to them on repeat and can’t get enough. Releasing their new album Grow/Decompose last May, they should be listened to and shared. What do you think?

The fast pace of the world has us ignoring the reality of the simplicity of air, breathing, the simple changes of each moment, and the inevitable, certain tragic loss of it all. Are you taking it all for granted?

Cherish life, each moment, embrace it and let music renew you, as it does me.

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