Music Midtown 2015-Alice In Chains, Metric, Elton John, and Drake

Music Midtown 2015- Friday night line-up


So very excited for Friday night at Music Midtown. Here’s the exciting lineup from 8:00pm on…

Alice in Chains


Known for their iconic place in the metal head hall of fame (albums in the double digits) this band has some serious metal followers, and rightly so. I recognize them as rock artists first and foremost, and want to share a version of their music that spoke to me the most. Listen…




This is a tripped out disco dance tune. The band has a more personal vibe, but I liked this wacky tune the most. It resonated with me simply based on its vast amount of different.


Elton John


Okay, here is the Elton John set list for Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in San Francisco……

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.24.45 PM

If he plays 1/3 rd of these songs, I can literally die one happy gal. This is an insane amount of wowing music that should be revered, right?

But then all bets are off if I hear this song live, a favorite of mine….




Yep, Hip Hop is so very popular. We are in Atlanta, right? This is going to be an insane show and I want to be a part of it. I want to experience it all, especially since I am not really a long time fan of this genre. I am learning and want to learn more. Here is an older winner of a song for him that I know well. Enjoy!


Crazy good choices!

Who will you see?

I say kudos to those that picked the bands. This is an example of interesting music diversity. It may appeal to all ages and provide the opportunity to musically educate someone who may not know a band or a particular sound or genre.

Go to previous blogs to hear earlier bands on Friday (below).

Be sure to stay tuned as I break down Saturday’s line-up. We are only a few days away, the count down is on!

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