Elle King-America’s Sweetheart

Mood Monday.


I’m in need of some inner firecracker power.

You know, the wowing force of a strong voice and a foot stomping beat?  I really need a sound that reminds me to stay steadfast on my life path and honor my wishes and wants without looking back or second guessing. I love finding a female vocalist that reminds me to be strong and listen to my own inner voice and celebrate my own uniqueness.

“Beat the drum with me..”

Elle King is an untamable force of musical energy.

Her musical style encompasses country, soul, rock, and blues. In a recent People Magazine interview, she said,

“I grew up barefoot, dirty, climbing trees. … It made me appreciate things more, I’m not doing this for money. Hell, I’m barely making any money. But it’s the most fun, and it’s what gives me joy in life.”

Her debut album, Love Stuff, is out now. If you like her brassy style, you might want to watch her this Friday, April 3rd, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


I believe she says what she wants and convinces you she sports a serious bad girl persona. Despite that, I love her self-assuredness. This tune, “America’s Sweetheart”, is a perfect jam for my mood today. There is something so charging and powerful about a gal that seems to have it all figured out and doesn’t need any reassurance…the kind of gal with a surefire personality that doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody.

We should all recognize what makes us special and follow our own inner compass because ultimately, it will be the best guide. With that said,  I have to admit that I am sometimes a melty mess in comparison to this kind of girl, but I admire her rebellious attitude and wonder where she gets that self-assured confidence. To be honest, I wish for just a little, itty bitty piece of it.

Perhaps, it can be captured from a tune. I think I’ll listen again.

Update….she nailed it!



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