Paper Lions- My Friend

31 days in Music

Day 8

Friends can help form us, change us. They can get us into trouble, get us out of trouble, lend an ear, sympathize with a predicament, or even yell at us to wake up and smell the coffee. Most importantly, they can make us laugh. Thank goodness for friends that surround us with love and a little ego boosting every now and again. The lyrics in their song  “My Friend”, by Canadian band Paper Lions, makes me think of all of my friends and how much I appreciate them.

“I know you are my friend

and if I’d never met you

I would be different”


Paper Lions are a Canadian indie rock band formed in 2004 in Belfast, Prince Edward Island by brothers, singer and guitarist, John, and bass guitarist, Rob, MacPhee along with next door neighbor and childhood friend, guitarist Colin Buchanan. They then met the drummer David Cyrus MacDonald in high school. Their music is upbeat and poppy and speaks to the obvious, that they are great friends. The album was released in August, but not as well known in the US, they may be a new sound for you. I know they are for me and I am totally  smitten.

Back in 2006, they released a fledgling you tube video of their song, “Traveling” and it became a crazy wild success. With their talented voices, great beat, peppy, poppy sound and lots of touring under their belt, this new album will continue to please their masses of fans, and my hope is to bring them some new ones. Enjoy and check out their Facebook page.

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