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Mood Monday

This Monday still has me feeling pretty bummed about the election, the state of our Union and well my whole life situation. What does the future look like now? I know I need to stay focused on the beauty of love, the amazing autumn sunsets, and the holiday weeks coming up. Kumbaya, rainbows, Santa surprises and happy puppies.

Stay focused, stay focused….

Even though all of that might be true…..I can’t deny I have undergone and experienced a sizable growth of mind and heart. I simply can’t fit back into the little box I once lived in….I feel as if I am bigger, smarter, and more sure about what I want. I have seen it and it is just beyond my reach. It is just so damn close….I can’t stop the momentum of my hopes and my dreams, no matter what the world says or tries to do to market and package what is clearly not my vision.

I think I’ll keep growing my hair out….

If you are with me, put in your earbuds and Crank. It. Up.

Camp Cope-Keep Growing

“…I still try to stand tall

now that’s not me in the back row, no more

so I’m not gonna look like I’m 

in your shadow anymore

I’ll keep growing my hair out

I never wanted to do anything, when you’re around

I’ll keep growing my hair out

it’s not for you….”


Camp Cope is a trio out of Melbourne,Australia. They are Georgia Maq-lead vocals and guitar, Kelly on bass, and Thomo on drums. With a potential album of the year, and recently crowned best emerging act of Australia, this is a band to listen to, for sure. Their album of 2016 with the same name is a slam dunk and a must listen. I found them through this newly released song. It showed up after the tour promoting their latest album. So it is the newest and “Keep Growing” is a song on repeat for me.

As Georgia explained on Facebook,

  ‘keep growing’ is about new beginnings, it’s about rejecting what society tells you is beautiful and it’s about recovering from heart break.
the best advice i ever got was “do you”, and that’s kinda the message of this song…..

walk down the street flipping your hair.
stand at the front of the crowd.
take up space.
grow your hair.


With a super powerful voice that speaks to me, this tune blasts my frustration of not being heard and pops it with an amazing bass line and pounding beat. I will keep on, keeping on.

So, that is how I feel today. I am done with the fitting in, the morphing attitude, the conforming opinions. I feel empowered to be uniquely me. I have to tell you….It feels pretty awesome.

Bring on the week, I believe I am ready!

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