Sebadoh-I Will

31 Days of Music

Day 13

On my 31 day challenge, I am going to reserve Sundays to feature songs that may not be on my new submissions list, but songs that I find especially interesting.


So I have to share a tune that has a welcomed steady beat, thoughtful lyrics, and has been on repeat on my playlist all week long. Sebedoh is a band that has seen lots of changes and many years of music (Facebook page), but they haven’t released anything since 1999. Now, they have a new track out, “I Will”, from their new album, Defend Yourself, that was released in September. This song is a bit wistful and sad because it hints at the struggle of a long time relationship, suddenly lost. Some of the lyrics are quite illuminating though.

“In the end, there never is an end.

And nothing we protect, can let us in.

So find your way,

I will”

All I can say is that it catches me in a way, that I really can’t describe. Listen and see what you think.

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