Maybird-Call You Mine

31 Days of Music

Day 12


Maybird, out of Rochester, NY, is a five piece band and new on the scene to me. They are Josh Netsky (singer /songwriter), Sam Snyder (guitar), Mike Schuler (bass), Kurt Johnson (pedal steel), and Adam Netsky (drums). There isn’t much information about them, but I am appreciating their music and digging their sound. The song I am featuring, “Call You Mine”, has a dreamy, ethereal quality and seems perfect for a relaxing, carefree, take it easy Saturday. I hear a little George Harrison and a throwback sound that is missing in today’s music. Somehow they take this sound and make it current and fresh.

Apparently, the name of their just released album that this track is on, Down & Under, comes from the imaginary title of a rare Leonard Cohen album that lead singer Joshua Netsky heard about in a dream. The dream motif is prominent on the record with a mood that begins bright and descends, as the title track suggests, as the album progresses.

I also appreciate that each copy is an original handmade print by Paolo Marino.


You can check out their new album, Down and Under, on their bandcamp site. It was just released yesterday. How’s that for new? Maybe while you are at it you can like their Facebook page and show them a little love. Maybird definitely deserves it.

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