Deidre & the Dark-Skeleton

31 Days of Music

Day 17

This is a wonderfully talented singer, and I don’t usually give props to girl bands. Deidre & The Dark, out of Brooklyn NY , has had some prior success. You may remember this great tune from 2011……

“Classic Girl” is a definite throwback of that hip 60’s sound. I can’t help but tap my foot, sway my head, and clap. Fun.

Well. there’s good news, she has a new track out called “Skeleton” and it has a different vibe than the song in the video I featured before this. There is one similarity, her vocals are perfection. It seems as if  “Skeleton” is a little more mature, richer in tone, and shows just enough difference that it makes me long for more. I hope there will be more tunes on the horizon, maybe an EP. Stay tuned on the Facebook page and enjoy!


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