Cage the Elephant-Shake Me Down, Come A Little Closer

31 Days of Music

Day 27

Sunday is reserved for those songs that I can’t get enough of on my playlist. Without the many hours of listening to new music, I find it to be a much needed rest for a Sunday.

I have always loved Cage the Elephant. The first song that sold me on them was, “Shake Me Down” back in 2011. They had a very strange video that had a disturbing ending, and yet I was fascinated by it. Watch it for yourself.

Looking back over one’s own life can be somewhat unsettling. The fear of dying and not doing or saying the things that you really want to do or say, can be one of life’s biggest worries, don’t you think? This past month, several of my dear friends have been struck unexpectedly with serious illnesses. They are all recovering fortunately, but it is a little too close for comfort. I have been reminded how fragile life is and how we must remember to cherish each moment we have. I believe this video/song captures that feeling. “I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun.

A few weeks ago, I heard their new song, ” Come A Little Closer” from their newest album, Melophobia, which came out this month. There is something so cool about Matt Shultz’s warm raspy vocals, the thump of bass, the twang of guitars, and the repeated choruses, “come a little closer…..then you’ll see“. Garage rock that has grown up a little. It is cool and polished, but still a little “schizo”. Listen to the lyrics. After listening for yourself, you may feel compelled to listen to the whole album. I know that is how I was hooked. When I am in a weird mood, Cage The Elephant reminds me of my normality. Well maybe, it’s just that I can find some captivating weird company to help me pass the time, until a new mood strikes me.


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