New Music-Remember Sports, Lunar Vacation, Evan Wright and UV-TV

It has been awhile, but I am back sharing incredible songs you should hear

Sofra by Ece Günaçar,

So Much Time Has Passed

I hope you are vaccinated from the danger of Covid and safe. I don’t even know when I last posted . Not knowing without looking back is actually horrific. There was a time in my life where this blog put air into my lungs….like a beautiful bubble, the air expanded in such joyous happy ways, until it didn’t.

I am not really sure where I stand at this very moment, just a little wobbly and unsure of myself and the longer I don’t post, the more pressure I feel to speak my mind. But after a weird wonky year of uncertainty, unrest, and political upheaval, I am unapologetically speechless. Maybe it is time to open up.

The sadness and loss of live music truly put a veil of darkness over me. I can’t even begin to express the emotional amputation I felt. I wondered what was the point of sharing new music, if I couldn’t see it live on a stage. Yep, that is ridiculous and utterly absurd, but it still existed in my brain.

Then, I felt the pressure to release my blog silence with a genius song meant to be on everyone’s sayonara to 2020 list. I recognize the demand was entirely self made and off base, but it was still in my head. I am only just beginning to make sense of it.

Today, I hope to share what I hear.

Black Lives Still Matter. Love is Love. Biden was the best choice in an election with a liar and an autocrat. I am still fighting for human rights and voting rights. I am not sure when I will rest from the chaos left after our incredibly tough year.

My 2021 Heart Project

But in the meantime, when I am not listening to music, I am quietly building a garden of flowers to be shared. It is slow and tough going, but isn’t that how most things worth doing begin? I am hoping each day the freshly seeded patches of earth survive chipmunk raids, robin runs, and the dry heat of the summer with sporadic torrential rains. Will I personally grow beside my tiny seeds? I hope so.

There is so much to be said for the life lessons we can take from nurturing a tiny seed. I completely get it, now more than ever before. But isn’t music built that way too?

A funky chord mix, a phrase worth saving, and a creative imagination that can replicate an emotion, a feeling, or a powerful statement in song. I remain in awe of songwriting creativity. The talent is vast and wide and has mostly remained quiet, like me, during this abnormal era. But now as the world opens again, music brims with promise, excitement and fortitude.

I believe we may be entering a new roaring 20’s of the 2000’s. The introspection of the past year and the need to develop close interpersonal ties with those nearest and dearest, naturally developed art, music, survival, and life.

How will I step out of the quiet hollow of 2020? What songs should I share in this moment.

Honestly, it isn’t as important as the importance of just doing it. Forgive me if you aren’t impressed. I am simply sharing what impresses me. Somehow the new music that is releasing right here and now, is something I will cherish because it germinated in a similar creative struggle from a year that no one wants to relive. The thread of expressiveness lives on, despite all we have been through.

So I hope this brings you a moment of simple joy, knowing the emotions of time and the complicated human experience are forever knotted into something worth listening to.

I hope you are okay. I hope you feel the light beginning to shine on you, as I do. Please check in dear ones. I want to know how you are.

Here is the music that I am listening and loving right now….

Remember Sports-Out Loud

“I won’t stop, never give up

Trying to get everything out

Of your head into your mouth

We can make this last if you say it out loud”

If you love them, check out other posts, click here Remember Sports

Lunar Vacation-Shrug

More… click .Lunar Vacation

Evan Wright-Turn The Other Way

UV-TV Distant Lullaby

Trampled By Turtles-Our Town (Iris DeMent cover)

Love this so much….

I had to share this just because I love it so much…..

Trampled By Turtles-Our Town (Iris DeMent cover)

Trampled By Turtles have some shows planned in early 2020, check them out. Don’t miss them.

Music You Should Hear-Kate Usher, Sudan Archives, DJ Silky Smooth, Lydia, Hovvdy, Stolen Jars, Lomelda, & Soccer Mommy

Friday vibes-insight into how I am inspired to pick amazing music


A happy place for me is the wondrous bookstore. When I need a moment to escape my darkest thoughts, worries, and fears I find immediate joy in wandering through books of literature (adult and young adult), poetry, creativity, gardening, self help and advice. Even riding the escalator up and down can provide a distracting much needed cheerfulness as I cast my eyes on the kaleidoscope of exploring readers. At my most recent visit to the bookstore, I stumbled upon this lovely word…Flaneuring.

Flânerie is a French word and “is the act of strolling, with all of its accompanying associations”. In other words, Flaneuring is wandering with acute observations and finding beauty in the mundane with no immediate purpose. A stroll on a busy street or a hike in the woods and everything in between qualify. What if we strolled or walked with acute observation and put away our phones and our busyness? I am all in.

I believe I have been Flaneuring while listening to new music and new submissions. I set aside a quiet time and focus on the sounds, the instruments, and the vocals. When I am intrigued, I read the press page and look through their social footprints. I have experienced some amazing moments, where I feel an immediate “ahah.” The more I listen, the more I enact my slow strolling with acute observations….Flânerie.

So, instead of walking around, I sit quietly with closed eyes and simply focus on the music as it comes to me. It is a creative focused journey with no end result needed. But gloriously, I find music I have to share. Here are my favorites ….

Kate Usher and the Sturdy Souls have been around since 2016 as a bluesy-reggae-rock-pop band from Montauk, NY. It immediately grabbed me when I heard Kate’s voice. I picked up hints of Susan Tedeschi’s (of Tedeschi Trucks Band) power packed voice. The guitars prove to be pretty sweet too. “Shades of Blue” has it all.

Kate Usher & The Sturdy Souls-Shades Of Blue

I recently read the feature in Sunday’s New York Times on Sudan Archives (HERE). I was totally intrigued and put aside her new album, Athena, for my Flânerie listen. Her music stretches me out of my normal listening bubble. She is a talented avant-garde violinist, vocalist, and incredible performer. This video includes some wild moments dancing with her beloved pet snake….

Sudan Archives-Glorious

News alert, DJ Silky Smooth is a really great find. I have been searching for this kind of fresh sound and sifting through lots of music paid off. If your not following Bandcamp, you are missing out on some impressive new artists. Listen…

DJ Silky Smooth-Denim Jacket

Lydia is a band out of Arizona. This song is from an album, Liquor, released last year. I love the echoed vocals and their explosive pop sound. They should be a name we all know.


Hovvdy has a new album, Heavy Lifter, out right now. I have shared their music before (HERE). Of all the songs on this album, this beauty stands out for me. What do you think?


I have written about and shared songs from Stolen Jars before. (HERE & HERE). Their latest album released recently and is one you should get your ears on. They are incredibly talented and deserve more accolades and musical appreciation.

Stolen Jars-A Reminder

This is a song by Lomelda from 2016, but I just stumbled on it and I will be forever smitten. It is a true gem that is hauntingly emotional and beautiful. Her ability to artistically create multiple vocal sounds from a single syllable word is nothing short of stellar. Her vocal ability only makes each lyric hold emotional weight and pierce through superficiality.

“I find that I wish I was yours
I find that I wish I was yours
And belonged to all the birds nesting on the porch
And all the trees along the river gorge
And every windswept metaphor
All of yours until I am nothing more”

Lomelda-Columbia River

I can’t finish this post without including Soccer Mommy‘s newest shimmery tune. Only released a couple of days ago, I am sure it will be played on repeat for it’s brilliance. Soccer Mommy had one of my top albums out last year. She continues to blow me away with her songwriting.

Soccer Mommy-Yellow Is The Color Of Her Eyes

New Music-Swimming Tapes-Keep Her Closer

After a brief absence from the blog, I am glad to return with a sparkly new song from Swimming Tapes, Keep Her Closer

Please excuse my brief absence from the music blog. I have been dealing with some major stuff; a totally unexpected basement flood and ongoing sorting/cleaning, a quick visit to Greenville then Charlotte, and a joyous mother’s day weekend with my chicks. I also squeezed in a wonderful six week course on Enneagram/Spirituality which proved to be eye, mind, and heart opening. Just when things began to settle, WordPress threw me a curve with their new blocking format. I am trying to figure it out without having to Google every question. Wish me luck! So, life blasted in and I had little or no control over my own space and time.

Despite all of the crazy convergences, my finger remains on the pulse of great music and what happens to be the newest and latest. As of late, I simply haven’t had the emotional strength to express my deepest thoughts in light of lots of busy living. I continue to save music, and listen to many of the submissions sent my way. I am very appreciative of your never ending support. Thank you so much for your patience!

Swimming Tapes

There are many songs on my radar right now, but the band Swimming Tapes has me listening on repeat and feeling the need to shout out their talent. They are a five piece band currently in London, but with roots in Ireland…Robbie Reid, Jason Hawthorne, Louis Price, Paddy Conn, and Andrew Evans. The band rides a gentle rolling wave of thoughtful indie dream pop and I am on board. Swimming Tapes has a debut album, Morningside, out on May 24th via Hand in Hive.

Their latest release, “Keep Her Closer” is nostalgic, and conjures up sunny skies, the ease of summer, and matters of the heart worth exploring. The song is full of sparkly interweaving guitars and smooth soothing vocals. There is so much to love in this sweet, happy tune. Be sure to listen especially if you love, Real Estate or Day Wave.

Swimming Tapes-Keep Her Closer

Throwback Thursday-Fleetwood Mac-Go Your Own Way

New music is proficient at this time of the year, but some of the newest songs lean on so many of the amazing treasures of the past.

Let’s explore….


Georgia is incredibly beautiful right now, spring has sprung and flowers have pushed up through the dark cold days of winter. New music is proficient at this time of the year, but some of the newest songs lean on so many of the amazing treasures of the past.

Let’s explore….

I want to share a golden oldie that influences many musicians of today.

“Go Your Own Way” was released as Rumour’s first single from the band Fleetwood Mac in December 1976. The song was written and sung by Lindsey Buckingham, and it was the band’s first top ten hit in the United States.

With relationships breaking up within the band at the time (Lindsey Buckingham was separating from Stevie Nicks, and John and Christine McVie divorced after the Rumours Tour), the idea of ‘going your own way’ seemed to connect with what was taking place with the band members. Lindsey Buckingham was especially angry about ending his relationship with Stevie and threw shade with his line in the song, “Shacking up is all you want to do”. He also admitted that he took the idea of the song’s rhythm from The Rolling Stones, “Street Fighting Man”. Mick Fleetwood built on this concept and developed his own thing. The combination of lyrically catchy pop and serious guitar work proved to be golden.

Even though there was a crazy overplay of the song on radio at the time, due to its wild popularity back in the 70’s, it continues to stand up strongly today. “Go Your Own Way”, is an empowering song of a broken relationship and the importance of self preservation in the process.


Fleetwood Mac-Go Your Own Way

“Loving you
Isn’t the right thing to do
How can I ever change things
That I feel
If I could
Maybe I’d give you my world
How can I
When you won’t take it from me
You can go your own way
Go your own way
You can call it
Another lonely day
You can go your own way
Go your own way
Tell me why
Everything turned around
Packing up
Shacking up is all you want to do
If I could
Baby, I’d give you my world
Open up
Everything’s waiting for you
You can go your own way
Go your own way
You can call it
Another lonely day
You can go your own way
Go your own way
You can go your own way
Go your own way
You can call it
Another lonely day
Another lonely day
You can go your own way
Go your own way
You can call it
Another lonely day
You can go your own way
You can call it
Another lonely day
You can go your own way”

New Music-Izzy Heltai-Marching Song

Izzy Heltai sings a haunting tune worthy of a thoughtful listen. “Marching Song” comes off of his latest EP, Only Yesterday

bio pic (1).jpg
Izzy Heltai photo by Emma Kate Rothenberg-Ware

I have to share a haunting tune worthy of a thoughtful listen.

Izzy Heltai is an indie/Americana-folk singer/songwriter from North Hampton, Massachusetts. When I opened up my email and listened to this song, I melted at the woeful, contemplative vocals, simple strumming guitar, random singular strikes of a piano, and the powerful underscoring horns. It immediately grabbed my attention, but with repeated plays, I honed in on the lyrics.

We bring so much of ourselves into a relationship. Who we are should enhance the connection. In some cases, the baggage of our negative inner voices can lead to a division. How do you separate those painful inner voices, from your longing heart?

Izzy Heltai explores his perspective and it is heartbreaking, but beautiful.

Izzy Heltai-Marching Song

“Maybe I said
that I don’t want you
Maybe I’ve been kind of difficult
to talk to
Maybe I shouted
or maybe just stared
I didn’t notice
if I did

On and on a marching song gets sung inside my head
I’m walking out the door now
Feels like only yesterday, I learned that I could be here
now here I go leaving

Did I not speak
when you approached me
I forget that I can talk sometimes freely
Feel like I’m drowning
dragging you down
and if I say nothing
you’ll stay on dry land

On and on a marching song gets sung inside my head
I’m walking out the door now
Feels like only yesterday I learned that I could be here
now here I go leaving, again
Ooh again

I couldn’t tell you on the telephone
when you picked up I put it down, I don’t know why
I couldn’t tell you through the telephone
that I’m not myself, I’m not myself
Oooh ooh anymore

On and on a marching song gets sung inside my head
I’m walking out the door now
Feels like only yesterday I learned that I could be here
now here I go leaving”

front cover.jpg
artwork by Molly Howarth

Heltai is releasing his latest EP, Only Yesterday on April 12th. It has the same powerful impact as “Marching Song”,  despite only four songs, and its quick 15 minute play. I longed for more, but settled for repeated listens.

The promotional materials conveyed,

“his goal was to capture the complexity simple instrumentation can lend to lyrically rich folk songs. ‘Only Yesterday’ is a collection of songs that both pays homage to Izzy’s traditional folk influences and reflects his desire to craft fresh melodies for a contemporary audience, representing where he’s been as well as where he’s going.”

Hope you’ll give him a listen. Does his music hit you hard, like it hits me?

Music You Shouldn’t Miss-Tame Impala, Kevin Morby, Andrew Bird, Karen O, Charlotte Cornfield, Daniel Norgren, Cat Clyde, Slowness, Le Boom, and Torres

Spring brings lots of new music from Tame Impala, Kevin Morby, Andrew Bird, Karen O, Charlotte Cornfield, Daniel Norgren, Cat Clyde, Slowness, and Le Boom Listen…

Untitled design (8)

My heart skips a beat when I hear amazing music, and I know it isn’t my mitro valve prolapse (look it up, it is a bona fide affliction of mine, which doesn’t really bother me as much anymore).

Spring is full of new songs and great album releases. As the earth renews, creativity kicks in and in the process music renews and refreshes as well.

There are so many great tunes and so little time to share it all with you. But, I will attempt to randomly toss some great tracks from many different genres your way. Here are my most recent favorites.

Listen and learn about the bands you dig. Then, follow my playlist (at the end). I’ll keep adding on, and if you follow, you won’t miss any of my most listened to tracks.

My list will begin with the most buzzed about music, then slip into the bands that are newer to me and might be new to you. They are all amazing!

Tame Impala


We haven’t heard a new Tame Impala song since 2015. In that time, they have toured, collaborated, and Kevin Parker even got married. But the dawning day of new music has finally arrived and their newest single, “Patience” is a doozy of a winner! It is the perfect combination of psych, rock, and a peppering of disco. They are so good at creating a dreamy combination which is loved worldwide and is one of my most searched band names on the blog.

Also, set your DVR for Saturday Night Live on March 30th, because they are the musical guest! If you are like me, you don’t want to miss any other surprising new music from them, or maybe you just want to know if Kevin will wear shoes. Swoon…

Tame Impala-Patience

Kevin Morby



Kevin Morby is about to drop his latest album, Oh My God on April 26th via Dead Oceans, but why wait all that time when you can listen to his latest track release, “No Halo”. It is a double album concept album focused on spirituality. For his press release he explains,

“Religion is around all of us. It’s a universal language and there is profound beauty in it. I’ve found it a useful tool within songwriting, as it’s something everyone can relate to on some level. There are religious themes or imagery in a lot of what I’ve done, so I wanted to get all of that out and speak only that language for a whole record. It’s not a born-again thing; it’s more that ‘oh my god’ is such a profound statement we all use multiple times a day and means so many different things. It’s not about an actual god but a perceived one, and it’s an outsider’s view of the human experience in terms of religion.”

Next week, on April 3, the short film Oh My God will premiere at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Directed by Good and starring Morby, it features music from the forthcoming LP and functions as its visual companion. Kevin Morby will also perform after the screening.

I don’t want to miss this release. There will be so much to unfold.  Listen.

Kevin Morby-Nothing Sacred/All Things Wild

Andrew Bird


Okay, Andrew Bird released his latest album, My Finest Work Yet, on March 22nd and I am obsessed with it. In a world of easy distraction, listening to an entire album can be daunting, but every song has depth and each singularly captures my interest.  I have been listening on repeat. This tune has been out for a while, so if you totally gel with it, I beg you to catch the entire album. Bird is an indie rock musician making music for decades. He is a talented violinist, guitarist, glockenspielist (?) and is an expert whistler….here is the proof!

Andrew Bird-Sisyphus

Karen O & Danger Mouse

Karen O and Danger Mouse.jpg


Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Brian ‘Danger Mouse’ Burton is a collaboration made in heaven and began in a crazy, unexpected way.

In an interview for Rolling Stone Karen O explains….

“It all started with me drunk-dialing Brian, back in 2008. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, we did one of those live television things with Beck, and Brian had just done Beck’s record [Modern Guilt]. I drunk-dialed him from Europe: “We gotta work together!” I had no recollection of this until he mentioned it. But we had been on each other’s radar for a while.”

They recently released their album, Lux Prima.

The collaboration between Danger Mouse and Karen O extends beyond just this album. They plan to pair their music with an immersive art installation at the Marciano Art Foundation in Los Angeles in April. The event, which Danger Mouse called the “ultimate listening experience,” is already fully booked.

Karen O & Danger Mouse-Turn The Light

Charlotte Cornfield

If you are in the mood for a tune that strikes you in the heart pumping zone inadvertently creating dampness to your eyes, then this is the one for you. Charlotte Cornfield out of Toronto, has a penchant for carefully chosen relatable words and a vocal style so uniquely her own. She expresses deeply personal experiences, but somehow manages to connect emotionally with so many. It is a gift. Who hasn’t done a double take when seeing a familiar car of someone we loved and lost?

Charlotte Cornfield has a new album, The Shape Of Your Name, coming out on April 5th. This is going to be an important release, meant for some serious pondering.

Charlotte Cornfield-Silver Chic

Daniel Norgren


Let’s pump up the vibe just a bit. Daniel Norgren is a name I will never forget. He proved to be a lovely new find, when I attended Pickathon Festival in Happy, Oregon a few years ago. I wrote about him HERE. Norgren is a Swedish singer/songwriter/musician who has the musical sensibility of a true southern rock and roll man and band. His performance was magical, rowdy, and fun to witness as he commanded the stage and powered up the vibe on a cold, dark night in the woods. This song is a nice return to that vibe. It is catchy, anthemic, and memorable. He has a new album Wooh Dang, coming out on April 19th via Superpuma Records.

Daniel Norgren-Let Love Run The Game

Cat Clyde

I am very excited to announce Cat Clyde has a new album coming out in late April or early May. I have followed her since 2016, where I shared one of my all time favorite tunes, “Mama Said” (HERE). It was one of my first posts for the year, and in it I discussed my goals. It is fun to look back and see what I was thinking, and to see that her music still holds up well to my scrutiny. Cat Clyde has lovely voice control and a very cool vibe, smooth and unique. I can’t say enough about her voice, but add that with the pulsing guitar and I am a puddle.



Cat Clyde-All The Black



Slowness is an alternative rock, shoegaze, band with the purest of sound. Ethereal and chill, Slowness has a new track, “Rose”, which is the first release from their upcoming album, Berths, June 12th. Prepare to be soothed by their radiating surround of sound.


Le Boom


I would be amiss if I didn’t include a bit of electro/indie/dance pop. Some days you just wanna have fun. Ireland’s Le Boom provides a nice track for doing just that! Bring it on! The Dublin duo has a debut album, All My Highs, coming up soon, so check them out. They are going to hit it big in the US electro music scene and if you follow the genre, don’t you want to know?

Le Boom-Be There For You


I am going to add a singer that was recommended to me by a new follower. Torres is new to me and I am wowed by her lyrical reflection, and her impressive vocal delivery. This tune is haunting. It is a little slow for me, but I can appreciate its fierceness. Thanks for the head’s up! Hope this video might be new to you!


Torres-A Few Blue Flowers

Tell me what you think? Tell me your favorite. Are there any you might recommend?




# 3 of the Top 20 Album Countdown for 2018-immersed in cool music

With such a memorable album, it is jaw dropping that this is only Lindsay Jordan’s beginning. 

Snail Mail – Lush


Lindsey Jordan proves to be the exciting future of indie rock. In her debut album, Lush, she has emotionally charged music wrapped nicely in a straightforward open style. Although the subject of her music has been done repeatedly through the years, she brings a clarity to the gut wrenching experience of  breakup. Instead of wallowing in heartache, she somehow turns it all around into a superpower of honesty and jumps the hurdle of pain through a clear eyed musical expression. The songs send me back to that place where I feel like 18 again, vulnerable and overcome by emotion, yet here, there are lovely guitar lines that make the moment unmistakable. The songs are laid back, restrained, and brilliantly vague enough to place yourself in the song. With such a memorable album, it is jaw dropping that this is only her beginning. 

6 Essential Songs for a Listening Life Line-Cosmo Sheldrake, Lala Lala, Molly Burch, Lonas, Yowler, and Confidence Man


I am a sponge longing to soak up something worthwhile. But while I wait, the world seems to crumble around me. We have narrowly escaped disaster after disaster. I understand the saying, “wait for the other shoe to drop” because it always seems to do so. There is always a new tragedy of hateful words, angry leaders, dangerous weather, or tricky political stunts and putdowns. The constant twisted news, feeds my frightened addiction and I am beginning to find myself at the brink of despair. Am I alone?

I have been unable to write. I have been unable to act. I just simply wade through the rising tides of discouragement barely keeping my head above water. I look for life rafts everywhere, I try to acknowledge my blessings, and let people know I care. But still….I find myself lost with no map. My worry is bubbling up and beginning to effect those around me.

Perhaps it is completely out of my hands, perhaps it is out of all of our hands. Maybe we can only do what is best in a single moment, by bonding friendships, supporting loved ones, and finding some small way to give back in thankfulness. Remaining focused on the good in our lives may be our only solace.

I refuse to stick my head in the sand, but I have to take a step back every once in a while to breathe. Because breathing is our lifeline, and the power behind our most basic need. It is a forgotten thing, until we make a point to focus clearly on it.

Breathing is a form of survival for me. I must breathe.

And just as I breathe, I listen to music. It feeds my soul.

Sometimes a DJ dance set with a pounding beat can change my gloomy mood, or a shouting rage of punk can successfully wring me out. In need of a cry, I turn to broken love songs and the blues, or when releasing rage, I listen to current hip hop/rap songs. Constantly seeking newness and creativity helps me see hope that everything evolves and changes. Music finds a place in me when I no longer feel whole. It fills me up.

I share my important finds with you all in the hope you might catch a tune or a band that speaks to you. Here are 6 essential songs that immediately became this week’s lifeline, helping me breathe and feel light in all of this darkness.


Wriggle is an unusual song. At first, I thought it was simply an instrumental, one you might hear in a Disney movie. Then it changes and the vocals come in, almost sounding like an Alt-J song. For a few years, I was obsessed with Alt-J, so I took notice. But this isn’t heavy and dark like their music. Cosmo Sheldrake has created a tune that is light and airy….hopeful. Swirling oboes, flowery flutes, snappy percussions, and funky lyrics create a childlike atmosphere and a musical celebration of life. It is simply lovely and exactly what my ears needed to hear right now. The artwork in the video is pretty impressive too. Maybe it will lift you up a bit, as it did me.

Have a listen and a look.


Cosmo Sheldrake-Wriggle (Mr. Jukes Edit)

“Hey ho, where did you go?
Did you wriggle or roll? Did you giggle or grumble through?
Tom Thumb, from where did you come?
Did you toddle or run? Did you skip, trip, or stumble through?

Go down, let’s go down
Let’s go down; don’t you want to go down
And wriggle on, have a sing-along
Put some pickles on, and play the Mellotron?…”


Destroyer is very different song, almost a polar opposite. It expresses despair, sadness, and loss. Although it is heartbreaking, there can be an important realization while seeking the source of the pain. I wonder if maybe it is a glimmer of healing? Lala Lala’s “Destroyer” is from Lillie West’s musical journey expressing her very personal life experiences on her most recent album, The Lamb. The album is oddly cathartic as well as powerful for me and reminds me, we all have wounds that need stitching up.


Lala Lala-Destroyer

“…Write it down, what you are reading
It turns to text, it loses it’s meaning
I can feel myself beginning to shift
What should I hold I can’t resist
Does it make you sad, that it’s my fault
I’m sad myself
I ruined it all
What’s the science of which is true
I don’t know anyone else like you

Don’t tell, it’s not evil
I’m looking through a different view

You are the reason my heart broke behind my back…”

Sometimes the tone of a voice can just stop me in my tracks and beg me to listen. I can be immediately smitten by vocal tone and it’s delivery. Molly Burch does just that for me. Then, add clever lyrics and a purposeful pluck of a guitar, it all contributes to her appeal. Her tune “Candy” is everything. The hard reality is that trouble sometimes finds us in relationships and it is very difficult to stay away. Candy, can be oh so appealing. This brings me to another realization, the outside appearance and the rapid fire sound bytes really have nothing to do with substance and integrity. A much needed healthy reminder as I vote this November.


Molly Burch-Candy

“Why do I care what you think?
You’re not my father
Don’t even bother, don’t bother me
Why do I like how you look?
You look like candy
You don’t understand me, don’t understand me

I’m not doing this again
No, no, no
This will really have to be the end
No, no, no

Promise me baby, promise me baby
Promise me baby, promise me baby
You’ll stay away, you’ll stay away
You’ll stay away, you’ll stay away…”

Earlier this fall, I attended a high school reunion. It wasn’t mine, but it sent me to a warm nostalgic place in my mind. I have so many friends from that time, college too, where we never really questioned sanity, politics, or values. For the most part, we laughed and played, and bonded over shared experiences. Looking back, it seemed to be easier and more laid back, very unlike the high school/college friends I have kept in touch with who share articles of divisiveness and argue on social media. What happened?

The song, “High School Kids”, by Lonas is just so timely for me. It speaks to the carefree period in our lives where we thought we could hang out forever and the only enemy we had was curfew.


Lonas-High School Kids

“…Can you imagine what would happen if we knew how it ends? Yeah, I know I’m getting older, all my heros are dead. Pick me up and take me, let’s waste another day of the weekend, we don’t give a sh*t if the sun comes up in the morning. So call up all your friends, and we can all pretend, that we’re high school kids…”

This next song, “Angel”, simply pleases my senses and my mind aesthetically. The lyrics, the vocals, and the way it slowly expands from a simple acoustic to something much more. Yowler’s gentle reminder that God is always present (my personal interpretation), eases my tangled woes.



“..Call me unto me my one
In times when you strive
If only in sight of your glowing light
I want you to know
That I am here
There’s a power we share
I am still here
Power we share…”

So, now and again, I enjoy a crazy dance beat. There is something freeing about not interpreting, or dissecting the point of a song. The song, “Catch My Breath” is a stellar case in point. Yes, it has moments where it changes and develops, but it also allows me to not think and just move. Maybe this song will give me permission to catch my breath. When in an emotional state, experts claim if you take a deep breath, clarity and calm can occur. All one can hope for, right?

DJ’s and the dancers who love them…this one is for you!


Confidence Man-Catch My Breath

I continue to add songs to my playlist I began at the end of August, hope you’ll check it out.

Fall Gems -Spotify Playlist

New Indie Music Gems From Jade Bird, Steady Holiday, Ryley Walker, Biig Piig, Gabriella Cohen, and Hospital.

Holding on to music that makes me smile with warm satisfaction. Now sharing Jade Bird, Steady Holiday, Ryley Walker, Biig Piig, Gabriella Cohen, and Hospital

So much happening in the music world, but honestly the start of fall and a new schedule has me tied up and lacking much time to post it all. Despite my schedule, I always listen to music. True confessions… I have been holding on to some music that makes me smile with warm satisfaction. These are the tunes that have lasted through multiple listens and I keep going back to them.  I hope you’ll give them a listen and add them to your own playlist.

Need a wake up dose of power packed vocals? This rising British star, Jade Bird, has what it takes. Wise beyond her young years, she tells it like it is. Jam worthy and sing-a-long ready, I hope I didn’t miss her in Atlanta….she makes it as close as Nashville and Charlotte and the rest of the US, before crossing the pond in November.

Jade Bird-Uh Huh



“Does she wake up, put on make-up in the bathroom
And go to work, and stay real late and text you she’ll be back soon?
But her boss runs his fingers ’round her pretty blonde platinum ‘do
I bet you never thought about that, did you?

And it’s none of my business
And I don’t wanna get involved
If you’re thinking that she’s good
I think you should be told

She’s got you on your knees like a little boy
Everybody sees that you’re just a little toy
She’s got a boxful that her daddy likely bought
She asks you if you love her, and you nod and say “uh huh”

She wears short skirts so you don’t ask her if you can check her phone
Talk about the guys at work so you feel ego-central
Like fancy cars and football teams and she like continental
With a European accent does she speak, oh so gentle

And it’s none of my business
And I don’t wanna get involved
If you’re thinking that she’s good
God no, God no

She’s got you on your knees like a little boy
Everybody sees that you’re just a little toy
She’s got a boxful that her daddy likely bought
She asks you if you love her, and you nod and say “uh huh”

She’s got you where it hurts but you don’t seem to see
That while she’s out at work, she’s doing what you did to me
She’s got you where it hurts but you don’t seem to see
That while she’s out at work, she’s doing what you did to me

She’s got you on your knees like a little boy
Everybody sees that you’re just a little toy
She’s got a boxful that her daddy likely bought
She asks you if you love her, and you nod and say “uh huh”
She asks you if you love her, and you nod and say “uh huh”
She asks you if you love her, and you nod and say “uh huh””


Steady Holiday is Dre Babinski from LA. She harbors the most tender vocals, but there is a surprising bite to her lyrics that make you pay attention. Clever and imaginative, she gives interesting insight into humans in this tune from her most recent albume release by the same name. Enjoy….

Steady Holiday-Nobody’s Watching


“Animals are wild, no matter the breed
You can see it in their eyes, they’re taking it in
Before you have the chance to know where you stand
You’re between a mom and lamb
She’s sinking her teeth in

Like nobody’s watching

People are the same, there’s hunters and prey
There’s rules to the game
You can win for a day
Now I’m old enough to know it all comes around
Cause the war is in between
We’re taking ourselves down

Like nobody’s watching

Never did I think that this could be me
But I’m stealing heavily from the powers that be
It’s not personal this time, I’m here to survive
So I smile and we shake, then I sharpen my blade

Like nobody’s watching

Nobody’s so
I’ll take a little off the top if no one’s paying attention

Like nobody’s watching

I made it to the top but don’t know when to stop
When I take, I take a lot”


When you have a need for soothing guitars and a soft voice that whispers confessing truths, Ryley Walker is your guy. He is a fingerstyle guitarist, singer, songwriter out of Chicago. He is touring extensively right now and hits Atlanta at The Drunken Unicorn on Dec. 19.

Ryley Walker-Spoil With The Rest


“I woke up with intuition
I declare my own constitution
“Whenever I do my best, I spoil with the rest”
I spoil with the rest

Takes a half shit to give a full one
Every time I get it done
“Whenever I do my best, I spoil with the rest”
I spoil with the rest

I woke up with intuition
I declare my own constitution
“Whenever I do my best, I spoil with the rest”
I spoil with the rest

Passed out bad decision
Dreams look great with no vision
Whenever I feel blessed
Too much guilt to confess
Too much guilt to confess

Put my head through the glass
First look it’s a pass
Whoever I can’t impress
Yeah I wish you the best
Yeah I wish you the best”


And when the world and life is just a bit too much to digest, this song fills the emptiness with the simple idea we are not alone in our pain. Biig Piig has a bluesy romantic style which proves to be fresh and honest. She is Irish, but based out of London and her first EP, Big Fan Of The Sesh, Vol. 1, is out now.

Biig Piig-Perdida



“I just wanna lay here, smoke my cig and drink my wine, and think I wanna lay here until my hurting is done

I just wanna lay here, smoke my cig and drink my wine, and think I wanna lay here until my hurting is done

Confío fácilmente en la gente Y por eso ya no tengo nada más pa verme fuerte Estoy cansada y Mis huesos se sienten viejos Créeme ya no tengo nada porque todo te lo dejo Y yo así pasando Y con mi dudas fumo más Sigo cantando Como que sé que otra vez el sol va a subir Pero No quiero ver mañana si es sin ti …

I just wanna lay here, smoke my cig and drink my wine, and think I wanna lay here until my hurting is done

I just wanna lay here, smoke my cig and drink my wine, and think I wanna lay here until my hurting is done

I should’ve never let you in Huh Cause Now I’m sitting here crying like a fool And all the world is seeing my pain U know i love you all the same I hope on time my heart will change Cause now i’m sitting here and crying like a…

I just wanna lay here, smoke my cig and drink my wine, and think I wanna lay here until my hurting is done

I just wanna lay here, smoke my cig and drink my wine, and think I wanna lay here until my hurting is done”


When bluesy psychedelia meets retro surf rock, the Australian artist Gabriella Cohen wins the crown. Her tunes unfold with originality and a joyous quirkiness that should be in everyone’s musical marvel arsenal.

Gabriella Cohen-Music Machine


“We’re all looking for that small green
Or we’re looking for something in between
We’re wondering if we can park on your street
I took a left not a right but you didn’t see me. 

I think your garden needs a couple more trees
You think you drive but I have your keys

I said I love you and you know what I mean
I take it slow on the road while the traffic beeps
I’m playing gigs in the music machine, in the music machine

I like LA cos the people are mean
I like LA cos the people seem clean
I saw many homeless on concrete
While bikini girls strut down Venice Beach

I’m doing time in the industry
I go to parties but I’m not in your scene
My mama thinks I’m doing gigs for free
I’m playing gigs but I’m anti-machine

I said I love you and you know what I mean
I take it slow on the road while the traffic beeps
I’m playing gigs in the music machine, in the music machine”


The band, Hospital, from Russia does retro indie pop right! I have blogged their music before and they continue to crank out some great tunes. Their tune, “Nothing But Love”, is from their most recent album, Memory Waves, out only a couple of weeks. I wish there was more love in the world instead of anger, skepticism, and deception. We all need love. If you are in the mood to move and just enjoy a poppin’ tune, listen.

Hospital-Nothing But Love



“I was so naive

in looking for relief

I felt like I lost the race

now I’ve found my place

and among this grace

I would like to know what love is

I wanna feel love

nothing but love

what I really need

is to feel your heartbeat

when you are sitting next to me

do you understand

every single day I spend

waiting for you to come here

I am a sleeper and I’d like to find you

I wanna feel love

nothing but love”

Gathered these gems for you, and I love how Spotify adds more to listen to at the playlist’s end. Check it out.