Mood Monday. This is my crazy attempt each week to match my mood with music. Maybe you’ll find a similarity to my thinking or maybe you’ll just chuckle at the oddity of me.

I woke up this morning to rain and cold after a 70 degree, sunny Sunday. That, in and of itself, can totally squash a good mood. Well, then on top of that, it is MONDAY and I stayed up way too late to see the “best picture” presentation at the Oscars. All of these are bummer combos that bring a gal




Remarkably, I was partially saved by reading a very long thought provoking article on grouchiness and how negativity just breeds negativity. In a nutshell, they suggested you fake a good mood till you make it. Okay, I’ll take the bait. Ready, set, go….coffee break, more coffee, then I ended up distracting myself with lots of fiddling and busywork. Is the day over yet?

Now as the weak winter daylight fades, I think I have finally found a song to boost my mood and help me feel better. “Tongues” by Joywave is a song where I simply can’t resist moving or tapping my toes. How can you stay grouchy when you feel like dancing? Maintaining control and afull facial pout when all I want to do is dance, is an impossible feat for me. By doggies, this catchy song has me smiling now. I am listening again and again while counting down to Tuesday.


Funny that Joywave‘s new EP is titled, How Do You Feel. Joywave is Daniel Armbruster, Sean Donnelly, Paul Brenner, Joey Morinelli, Travis Johansen, Andrew Dillon York plus friends, out of Brooklyn, NY.  Listen to their catchy, dance craze, electronic beats with a twist. Their mixing of sounds and vocals is masterful. Check out Joywave and if you like this, be sure to snag the new EP out on March 11. I also thought I’d share the only released song from the new EP, because I recognize one song can’t completely fix my grumpy mood. So here are two, happy Monday anyone?


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