Phox-Slow Motion/Blue and White

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A late night conversation with this talented beautiful lead singer, had me convinced to hold off on featuring the band, Phox, until after their EP release at the end of June. Monica Martin of Phox, is genuinely humble, sweet natured, and soft spoken. Well, lo and behold, NPR just featured them as music on Heavy Rotation, and all bets are off……I just can’t wait that long. Monica has a uniquely mesmerizing voice of depth and clarity so when you listen, you begin to realize that this talented band is going to break away from their Wisconsin roots and successfully tour the world.

Monica’s voice and choice lyrics are simply beautiful.  She is a writer and expresses herself  through her words, but in the early days, those words were sent out beyond her private journals and she admitted that she just wanted to tailor her writing to the reader. When that occurred, she realized that it wasn’t hers anymore. She was molding her thoughts to fit what she thought was what her audience wanted to hear. She was then approached about the idea of writing lyrics/music and that seems to be the beginning of a very profound career. Her heartfelt lyrics are notable and interesting. Poetry.

I didn’t get to meet the other band members personally, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching their skilled play throughout the entire set. Her voice and lyrics keep you listening, but their musical arrangements build a cohesive story to each song. This you tube was made quite awhile ago, but I believe you will enjoy each member and watching the way they weave the lyrics and the music to form a spectacular tale,  incomplete without the other. The band resonates a closeness, and it becomes clear that they have been hanging out and playing together since high school. Enjoy.

We will have to wait a few months until their new material comes out, but catch up on what they have already put out there by checking out their Facebook Page . You can bet that they will just get better with each new project. When their new music does arrive, I will revisit them and share again, for sure.

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