Ages and Ages-“Divisionary (Do the Right Thing)”

Mood Monday.

“Do the Right Thing” is a song that I listened to recently, and it totally stuck in my brain. I have it on repeat, whether or not it is actually playing through speakers of any sort.

“Do the right thing.”

Isn’t this the most compelling thought? Why is it so hard to follow? We are human and we have so many weaknesses. For this Monday, I will be planning my week around this one thought. I hope, if  I aim to do the right thing, I can potentially find peace……

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 12.37.27 AMphoto credit-Trina Dharma Green

Ages and Ages album, Divisionary, comes out on Tuesday, March 25th. You must go to their Facebook page and learn all about the band. Ages and Ages consists of….Tim Perry, Rob Oberdorfer, Sarah Riddle, John McDonald, Becca Schultz, Annie Bethancourt, Levi Cecil and Jade Brings Plenty. Now as I copy and paste the band names, I am questioning the very last name, Jade Brings Plenty, hmmmm. I hope it is right, but if not, I sure hope the band gets a chuckle out of me printing it.

Their ideas and mission is worthy, the song is powerful, and you must give them a sincere listen. Bet you’ll be humming it all day.

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