Young and Sick-Heartache Fetish

A change of pace is needed. Who can resist a bleepy boop, date night, soulful admission of reckless love? This song, “Heartache Fetish” is such an unusual mix of harmonies, synths and interesting snap/claps. It is totally tantalizing and fun ear joy at the same time. Nick Van Hofwegen is the mastermind behind Young and Sick and the soul/R&B/pop sparkly music.  Heartache Fetish is a song about being crazy lovesick, but somehow it clearly has an upbeat tempo that keeps it bright and jazzy.

You’re not in the room,

but you got me in a headlock. 

Tied up, helpless, ready to be sacrificed”



Nick, a Dutch visual artist, has been behind the scenes for some impressive album art, and his art designs were featured in a fashion line for Urban Outfitters. His artwork is distinctive and intriguing, and you may even want to follow him on Instagram.

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 11.37.49 AM
photo credit-JB Mondino


It seems that his music project may also be just as unique and appealing. The album, Young and Sick, is a good listen for a nice change of pace. Just released in early April, this album has already caught lots of attention and many are lining up to see Nick perform at Coachella this weekend. Wish I could be there. Oh well, listening to the album on repeat will just have to do for now.

Happy Friday y’all!



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