Odessa-I Will Be There

Mood Monday Music…..

Life happens. It seems to be always changing and turning. Health fails, deep worries or cherished thoughts are shared, epic life changes occur and allies are needed. Listening,  caring, and supporting are the perfect antidote for friends, loved ones, and family. This song is a beautiful testament for what I feel and think for those that I love. This is my promise, for always and forever. Pinky swear.


If you recognize this tune it is because it became prominent in a Subaru commercial where a very young girl is changing her tire for the first time. Isn’t it funny how a song can be placed in your subliminal psyche and when you hear it again in a different context, the song can grab a firm hold on your heart?


Yes, that is exactly what happened for me.

Odessa is Odessa Rose from Santa Monica, California. She is currently unsigned and living in LA, but says her influences are surfers. neat melodies, all harmonies, beautiful sounds, and the color turquoise. Nothing to hate and a lot to love. “I Will Be There”, is a hypnotic simple tune that is just a champion for support and love. This song can speak the obvious, which can be so very hard to express, especially in the moment. Thank you Odessa with your lovely, angelic vocals, I can say what I find hard to say. This is my mood today and I hope it will last this week, this month, and this year because it is a calming and tranquil mantra of pure love.

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