Conor Oberst-Double Life

I am a small town girl. I admit it wholeheartedly, but I have found myself in the heart of a giant city. I have been here long enough to… well honestly, know better.

Yes, there is no doubt that in this big city I have fantastic opportunities, wonderful people that I love, and amazing experiences that a small town would never, ever offer. So, why is it that I hanker for that small townness more than ever?

I have just returned from a wonderful vacation where I was deep in the country, where our neighbors hung their laundry to dry and fished for their dinner. The grocery store was many miles away, and there were no honky tonks of music anywhere (but I bet they exist). So why was I so happy in this place? Well, I was on the coast and literally rocked to the changing tides, dolphin feedings, and the rhythm of  sunrise and sunset. It was magical and it whispered into my ear a reminder of my deep need to be lost in the quiet of the lapping of water and the laughter of family.

Is there nothing more wonderful than that? I can’t think of it at the moment as I have just returned to cement, wheeled moving boxes in mass, electric wires across sunsets, and steel buildings that touch the clouds. This is a roar of a reality check and it is calling me out on my double life.

“Double Life” is a beautiful song on the latest album by Conor Oberst. I saw him in concert at the Shakey Knees Festival back in May and have listened to him on repeat ever since. A songwriter of epic proportions, he definitely captures my attention because of his heartfelt lyrics and quiet musical rhythms that speak to my soul. Conor Oberst, the song “Double Life”, and his new album, Upside Down Mountain have quickly become a favorite of mine for the year.

It ain’t perfect nothing is
still room to grow
feeling different staying in
made a little poem
so when I sit back in my chair
as the evening wains
I don’t remember getting here
but I am glad I came

So don’t look down
just cross the bridge
when you get there
you’ll know why you did

there’s a better life on the other side
it’s your double life on the other side
there’s another life on the other side

It ain’t simple
like before
these are different times
no longer worried
about getting bored
just trying to clear my mind
from all the noise out there
all the spooks
all the moving parts
cameras everywhere I look
were imitating art

so don’t look down
just cross the bridge
and when you get there
you’ll be glad you did

there’s another life on the other side
it’s your double life on the other side
it’s your second life on the other side
there’s an honest life on the other side
it’s your double life on the other side

Then, there is another genius song of his that is getting lots of radio play, with a cool video “Zigzagging Toward The Light”.

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