Wild Child/Shakey Graves-Live and Up Close

So, I enjoy music. It breathes life into my existence and brings joy to my soul.

Yes, you say, you would do the same if you could afford to stop your real job to travel and listen to bands…..well I can’t always afford it, but I find my crazy ways.

I see a lot of music, traveling and listening is forever in my future. Honestly, I have to give a thank you to the hundreds of hardworking bands that share their music with me, like my blog, and create amazing stuff that makes me crazy enough to drive 5 1/2 hours to see them to just return 5 1/2 hours home the next day. Now, admit it….. that is band love , for sure.

I have been following Shakey Graves for several years. It all started with a band I listened to on 1146 miles, It might have been Shakey but I can’t link it. It is possible that I did my listening music dance……I followed one song after another and stumbled upon this one man band, guitar/ lyrical phenomenon, Shakey Graves from Austin, Texas. I just couldn’t get enough.

A chance to go to Charleston for business, leaves an open evening for exploration of a club and two bands to totally drool over. I messaged old friends from my old stomping grounds, but had no takers. It was probably a good thing because once the music began, I was in a trance of pure joy. The Pour House was small and intimate. Air conditioning didn’t seem to exist despite the 90+ degree temperatures. I jumped and clapped and sang with joy as if there were no dripping perspiration issue. The music completely took me over.


Wild Child opened with abandon. Their sound is so completely raw and unique. Kelsey Wilson and her violin are so beautiful that you just want to stop the world from spinning and listen with every intention of capturing every lyric. As if that wasn’t enough, she is accompanied by Alexander Beggins and he compliments and adds to the surprisingly lovely intrigue of the sound. Kelsey was barefoot and quietly humble when I spoke to her next to me after her set, watching Shakey perform. I made a point of telling her that her voice should be captured in a bottle for its glorious beauty. She sweetly just asked me to yell to Shakey on stage and get his attention for her. My voice is the raspy deep yelling kind. Listen to her voice and love.


After their folksy happy set of music, Shakey took the stage and girls fell out trying to capture his attention. Yes, he is a looker for sure and a songwriter who has a handle on the wordliness of life. But, I have to say his ability to strum complicated guitar, stomp a drum with one foot, and smash a tambourine with the other foot, puts him in a category that powerfully exceeds handsomeness. Oh my gawsh. he is talented and needs to learn to market himself as well as he can create and write music. Shakey, who quickly told me he was Alejandro Rose-Garcia, found himself immediately distracted among the fawning drink toting girls hoping to grab a moment. I just told him he needed to go to Athens, Ga or Atlanta. He said he might and that was that. I parted ways, but I will forever remember his talent and sit back and watch as he soars and captures audiences from here on.



My rear end and fanny fatigue needed a serious booty workout from the crazy 11 hours (roundtrip) of nothing but sitting in a car traveling, but yes, I can say it was all completely worth it. They are still touring together for awhile then they move on. You really shouldn’t miss them if they come close to you….even 5 and 1/2 hours close. Just listen…..









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