Noah Gunderson-First Defeat

I readily admit to my wide open heart that can hear a song and get weak in the knees. I can easily lose my mind over thoughtful lyrics, where a story gently unfolds in a song.  This song, “First Defeat”, makes my heart pound just thinking about someone writing these poetic words of love. Never mind the fact that, he is also strumming the guitar and actually singing it with a voice that harbors deep sincere emotion. I really don’t ever like to compare, but thoughts of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Tom Waits comes to mind.

You need to know the writer of this lovely Americana folk.

Noah Gunderson


Noah Gunderson is an accomplished singer songwriter from Seattle, Washington. He is deep in a musical genre that has exploded in popularity over the past few years, but, no worries, because (in my opinion) he has quickly soared ahead of all the others. His simmering fame is accomplished simply, but quite emphatically, due to his raw ability to write and perform his heartfelt music with minimal instrumentation. His guitar strums beautifully throughout the album and he sometimes adds a perfect punctuation with soft strings,  a piano, or quiet drumming. Then, when you think that might be just right, his sister, Abby, sings along with her lovely voice. Listen to his new album, Ledges. It is busting with beauty, depth, sincerity, love, loss, and family all rolled into one miraculous batch of songs. This is a favorite of mine this year…..hauntingly memorable.

It’s the first defeat
It cuts you to your bones
Knocks you off your feet
And you discover that home
Is not a person or a place
But a feeling you can’t get back

Then the second round
Throws you to the floor
Leaves you stuttering
What the hell was that for?
Takes you by surprise
Like the bullet you never saw coming

This will be the last time
This will be the last time
This will be the last time…..”

It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, right?  So, this may be my favorite as well, “Cigarettes”. It is a spectacular sight, to watch him perform. Be sure to stick around till the end.



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