Meg Myers-Make a Shadow

Today seems like Sunday, but happily, it is only Saturday. It has been a slow, calm day compared to the furious intensity of The Fourth of July. A napping in the sun day is a nice luxury and joyfully welcomed. But, after hearing this tune, I must get going.

Photo by Rock Subculture Journal

Meg Myers is a fierce femme fatal and songstress with emerging talent. From the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee and former Jehovah’s Witness, she is now in Los Angeles celebrating birthdays. Her music has come to me with perfect timing.

Her song, “Make A Shadow”,  reflects those moments in my life when I might lean on the side of being a slug, because it is just so darn easy to do. It is a reminder to embrace youth and live life to its fullest. She is telling me to close up my computer right now and get out there, so that the fun can begin.

Isn’t this a perfect song for this long vacay weekend. My soul urges me to make, and then take, special moments and cherish them. Today is a day for creating your own real-life fireworks by pushing your normal limits and spending quality time with the people you care about.

Now, I must really get up and go, move my aching muscles from the 10k I ran yesterday, and get on with it… know…

Happy Fourth of July weekend, y’all. Aren’t you glad it is only Saturday?

“My heart is fire, my heart is young”

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