Street Joy-Disappoint You Girl

Distorted guitar, fuzzy vocals, and smashing drum pops definitely make me cheer a “hallelujah” of band joy!

This band, Street Joy, has me jumping.

I have been listening to hundreds of bands lately hoping to hear something different and exciting. I was listening for that spark of creativity, musical savvy, and vocal strength. I thought I was out of luck…. until now. This band is definitely unique, but there is also something vaguely familiar with their sound too. Perhaps it has tinges of early punk days mixed with a serious pounding old style rock and roll. These two genres weave perfectly in and out of the song, “Disappoint You Girl”,  and it is gloriously peppered with some sweet psychedelic rock (@1:45), keeping it fresh and hip.

What is not to love?


The band is Street Joy. They are new to me, but have a few singles out there. Street Joy is Jason DeMayo – lead vocal, guitar, bass and Scott Zimmerman – drums, backup vocal.

Genius, I’d say.

I listened to each single and found that each one was different and amazingly cool. I will longingly wait for the full album/EP of a compilation of all the songs I listened to. I had a difficult time choosing which song to share with you. They are all THAT GOOD. It’s a shame they are all the way across the country in good ol’ LA. But, it makes total sense to me because when I listen to them, I can visualize the gorgeous sunshine and driving in a vintage convertible, volume up, and maybe waving to the happening guys in the next car at a stop light.

Yea, their music unleashes that flirty moment of possibility, risk, and heart thumping excitement. Just listen and feel it for yourself. Enjoy.


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