Dark, Dark, Dark-Daydreaming


This is the time of the year when we dream. We wish for joyful gatherings with those we love. We set aside moments to express our feelings in kind actions or thoughtful gifts, through parties of thanks, baked goods on doorsteps, and pretty wrapped packages that sit under a tree.


This is the season to be hopeful that wishes really can come true, and simply enjoy daydreaming a little about what you wish for. I am daydreaming as I  shop for my loved ones, hoping to fulfill their Christmas wishes. Finding the perfect expression of love, in a gift, is challenging and yet sweetly rewarding. I look forward to seeking out those simple expressions of my love. Gift giving can be magical.

What do you wish for?  What do you dream of?


A dreamcatcher is a curious object to me. In some Native American cultures a dreamcatcher is a hoop with a loose net or web and decorated with sacred objects like feathers and beads. They believed that a dreamcatcher could sort your dreams, if hung above your head while sleeping. The net would catch the bad dreams and the good dreams would flow through the web and travel down the feathers to your sleeping mind. I am enthralled by that idea. I want to make one, and keep it close to me while I am sleeping.

But how do we prepare and create positive hopeful daydreams?

speech_bubble_117734Those funny little bubbles over the heads in cartoons are words thought up by someone else, I don’t want that for me. I want to create my own thought bubbles. I want to set aside the time to daydream and think up fresh, exciting ideas, even if they are silly and crazy and senseless. Beauty can certainly blossom from nonsense and folly. My best thinking comes to me when my mind has a chance to wander. Ideas and plans are born from quiet moments that have the appearance of inaction. I set aside time each day to daydream. Did you know that play-doh and silly putty were creations from a drifting mind?

In this season of wishes and wants and love, may you daydream beautiful bubbles and stories for your life.

“Think of a place I would go,
I’m daydreamin’,
Where the sycamore grow,
I’m daydreamin’,
And oh if you knew what it meant to me,
Where the air was so clear,
Oh if you knew what it meant to me,
Anywhere but here.”

The song, “Daydreaming”, isn’t a new one, but certainly a thoughtful lovely one that gets me thinking and daydreaming. Dark Dark Dark is a folk band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their current line-up is Nona Marie Invie, Marshall LaCount, Walter McClements, Mark Trecka, Adam Wozniak and live engineer Mike Usrey. Their previous line-up and major contributors were Jonathan Kaiser, Todd Chandler, and Brett Bullion (and probably on this song). “Daydreaming” is from their 2010 album, Wild Go. It has been featured on Grey’s Anatomy, and also background music for other programs.


Invie’s vocals are mesmerizing, and the piano is dreamy as it flows around the lyrics perfectly. The sing songy, chirping harmony of choristers at 2:07 makes me giddy with its thoughtful placement.

It is the end of the year and time for new plans and new ideas for the future. What are your dreams? Are they pleasant dreams or frightening? Fantastic and far-reaching, or simple and achievable?

A daydream is a wonderful place to start, don’t you think?

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