The Barr Brothers-Love Ain’t Enough

I can’t let the year run out without sharing a band that I have a new found love for…..The Barr Brothers. Their music is diverse, thoughtful, and interesting beyond my little listening ears.


They describe their sound as experimental folk, but the album I have on repeat is Sleeping Operator and I hear so much more than what they describe. I am overjoyed that I have found them and hope you feel the same way.

“Love Ain’t Enough” is ironically all about love actually being enough. Isn’t that a beautiful thought for the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. Love is enough. I believe I can survive anything when I know that I am loved and that my love is shared with those that mean the most to me. Love is really everything. Right?

May you be with the ones you love this evening and the year ahead. There is so much to look forward to and so much promise.

Peace out, until 2015 y’all!

But….then, when you think you kinda know the music of this band, you hear this one and happily melt in music heaven…..sweet unexpected sounds! A happy extra, ENJOY!

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