Autolux-Change My Head

Missing Mood Monday? Well, there is a reason for the delay. Call it a Cinderella story in reverse, or better yet, “From dancing queen to blundering and broken.”


My New Year’s mood-

How was your New Year’s Eve?

Mine was incredibly happy, joyous and celebratory! We had all the makings of a memorable start to 2016. Then, without warning my black suede booty heel slipped out from under me on a busy dance floor and I put out my arm to fall in a lovely, ladylike fashion (okay, I didn’t want the secret to my pretty undergarments revealed). I know it was awkward and ugly, because I was helped up by multiple dance floor cohorts. Then simultaneously, I felt the pain and saw the bone weirdness of my wrist. No the bone wasn’t exposed, but I knew from the looks of it, my happy moment was instantly crushed.

So was my wrist.

Was this the start of 2016? Apparently, this was my personal start to the year and wishing to turn back time….praying for a different outcome….asking crazy questions like, “why me?”, don’t mean a hill of beans when it comes to reality. This is my weird, but important, cross to bear this year.

Many doctors and tests, resetting the bones, multiple casts, appointments and x-rays, and passing out from the fear (yep, the emergency stat where I woke up to 10 medical professionals in the room after my doctor explained the upcoming procedure) are all actions that push toward the final result of immediate surgery. Yep, steel plate in my wrist operation.

But I was dancing. Not just any dancing…..dancing my butt off and happy. I have to remember the joy and exhilaration of the moment and choose to forget about the totally hip, cool, concrete floor that was unforgiving to my fragile body.

Was it worth it? I want to say….not so much, but looking back at the midnight hour of a new year, as we sipped a celebration glass of champagne and danced with fun people who begged us to not stop dancing… I know in my heart, I live my life without abandon.

“Live life without abandon. Be fearless. Challenge yourself. Laugh everyday. Find your voice. Dream big. Fall madly in love. Be passionate and brave. This is your life: use it wisely.”

So despite the steel plate being placed surgically in my wrist on Monday, and the inability to pull my long hair back, or fasten my bra, or type with both hands, or open a jar, or or or….my life is incredibly full.

Tonight my Tumblr is skyrocketing with more likes, bands are sharing my words with sweet commentary, and I have more music to listen to than time in a day. Dear friends are loved, which have shared the kindest sentiments and veggie dinners than I could ever begin to eat and complete. I call that a very good day.

I guess it is important to “Change My Head” and see things differently.  I must stop feeling sorry for my inability to get on my bike for months, go on that ski vacation, maybe even drive, and just be dog gone happy. I am alive and kicking. Oh yeah, and I am still a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor….wha what ?!!!!

Just listen.

Before you split house-train the body you leave behind

there’s only one voice you can count on to keep you down

skin the bees and stripe the ceiling where you wake up

cuz all that movement under cover

is just bad luck


Autolux is a band which I found as a part of Danger Mouse’s compilation of new music on 30th Century Records under Columbia Records. Check it out because there are some cool bands I think you might love.

Autolux is from LA, and Eugene Goreshter, Greg Edwards, and Carla Azar make up this one of a kind band. Mellow but not sleepy, a little off kilter and innovative, I find this song to reflect my mood as the new year begins and I find myself stuck in a place I never thought I would be in. The music woos and soars as my my mood jumps from sadness to satisfaction. Yay for the tune that  makes me feel somewhat whole again. “Change My Head” is my first, on repeat, jam of the year. Power to the music.

Happiest of New Year’s To You All! Please…don’t stop dancing and show some love to a broken girl, by stopping by often in 2016.

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