Water Liars-Let It Breathe

Take a deep breath and inhale this lovely tune of tenderness.

“Let It Breathe” is a song with a simple strumming guitar and lyrics woven of freshly spun gold. It is a song of pure poetry and a soft melancholy that unleashes powerful emotions inside your blood stream. There is a fire burning in this song, as well as the other songs on their newest album, Water Liars. The album was released in February of this year and I feel like I have missed months of listening, since I just learned about them recently. “Swannanoa” is a stand out song of heart wrenching truths, and fortunately “Ray Charles Dream” (added at the end of this post) will lift you up a bit. Every song is a brilliant, soulful confession that draws you in, and takes your breath away.


Water Liars is made up of Justin Kinkel-Schuster (vocals, guitar), Andrew Bryant (drums, vocals) and, for this third album, joined by GR Robinson on bass. With Mississippi and Arkansas homelands, you can sense the southern writer deep in the midst of their music. It is something to behold.

According to William Boyle who wrote their bio on their website, “They’re simply telling one story, a story that doesn’t end, about the ways we save ourselves and kill ourselves, about the terrors and joys of being a small thing in a big world, and this is just the latest installment.”

I believe it hints that there is so much more coming our way. I am satisfied for now with this set of songs to unleash in my soul, but I will, most assuredly, long for more.





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