Cherry Glazerr-Had Ten Dollarz

Why does stuff get in the way of beauty, passion, and the things that make your heart tick tock at that lovely, fluttery pace? Every day routines and wanting to change it up, can sometimes spark the assertion, “you look at me like I’m crazy….”
Am I crazy, or is it that we are all just playin’ the game of life and not really doing the living?
When I feel insecure and frustrated, I reach out and fall in love with angsty, rebellious music. Somehow, this unique sound pushes me to think beyond my worries and fears and I can move on, move forward. January is a cold desolate month. Decorations are stripped from happy cozy living rooms and cheer seems non-existent when the bills come tumbling in, out of control. All of the celebrations seem to cease at a screeching, grinding halt.
Thank goodness this L.A. garage band, Cherry Glazerr, surfaced when it did (a shout out to my golden music junkies that share). I am in great need of  listening to slashing drums, banging guitar, and Clementine Creevy’s off-kilter, impressive vocals. I will blast away the night and maybe tomorrow and the next day. Then, only then, I will have a better view, feel more in control, and ready to set my mind to wholesome, happy thinking.
But, for now, I will jam.
“Had ten dollaz but I put it away
Don’t know where I’m goin but the wind is blowin
Smokeless but no way of knowin
I’ll be fine when the wind stops blowin…”

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